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I think I did try that but ill try again

would be nice to add that info in the app and in the main post above

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It might be “zero seven eight”.
I really can’t remember.

We have the V1 callout as part of the base app!

okay, ive tried

set speed 0-8-0, 0-decmimal-8-0, decmimal-7-8, 0-point-7-8, point-7-8. none of these works or I get every large mach numbers like Mach78.00 etc…


Read the whole comment, please

Yeah I did read it - but why would we have a separate V1 callout as part of the GPWS when we already have it as part of the base package.

when i fly on the A350 the v speeds are fine but on the a380 i have to wait a while after it says rotate to actually rotate and on boeing it doesn’t say 80 knots only 100

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That’s because the A380 physics need a massive rework.

That’s why you can choose whether the callout is on 80kts or 100kts.


This is literally the most useful app I have ever used.

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how do you do that?

I mean this one, to clarify. Skip to time 0:36

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Yeah I mean that one - why have it as part of the GPWS when we have it in the base package.

The quoting - highlight the section of text you want to quote - and then a “Quote” button should come up - click it and it will open a new post with that text quoted.

We don’t have it. We have the one called out by the pilot monitoring. I think it is aircraft and operator specific, but the GPWS would also callout ‘V1’.

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Yes I know - but why would we have another V1 callout as part of the GPWS.

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Having the V1 callout made by the system, to reflect real life situations, would be great.
Only Airbus does that, right?

Epaga would have to make it so that for the aircraft in which this happens, the callout by the copilot would be disabled.

Would be cool!

Let’s wait and see.

Ah yea i found it now after you’ve mentioned. But i think it would be better if you could add an arrow for selecting the voice. I would never notice that i can select other voice as well if there’s no arrow beside or sth like that. Just a feedback for the future updates :) Screenshot_20200602_004642_com.epaga.ifassistant|276x600

On my ipad the V1 - Vr - V2 doesn’t calculate by it self, any fix?

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You have to connect to IF first, and I have a valid weight in order to e calculated. Just press speed autofill.


Hey everyone! Now that the update is out, there’s unfortunately a brand new issue that somehow only started with the release (this wasn’t occurring during beta). In-Flight Assistant’s VNAV waypoint list stays empty, for some reason IF is not giving me the flight plan anymore.

I’ve pinged Laura about it, I’m sure they will fix it as soon as they can (could be there’s a different way for me to access the flight plan in the new version). Until IF fixes it I’m afraid you’ll have to wait to use my version of VNAV with step climbs etc.