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I have submitted a report

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“FA prepare for landing “ plays as soon as any descent from cruise is initiated. It plays again at the altitude set in IFA for that reached.

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In regards to the Autofill…

It seems great! I’ve used it a bit and have a suggestion…

Often when I’m preparing a flight (getting flight plan, setting up I-FA and I-FO, etc), I’ll just be parked at my gate waiting to go until I’m ready. While I’m at the gate, I don’t have my flaps down, so when I Autofill, it tells me that it’s given me V-speeds based off of low flaps.

Could there be any way for us to tell it what flaps setting we’ll be using?

If not, that’s fine. Just wondering. I’d have to find a better time to set up the Assistant if this system will remain. 🙂

Thanks a ton! Glad to be a part of the beta.


How do you enable these 2 options
I tried to find a way but I still can’t find them
I’m on the Beta right now

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the application goes perfectly. It would be nice if you added a music on board!!!

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Thanks for your feedback so far on the beta, guys! Still a couple things to do before I release, but the v-speeds for especially the most flown aircraft seem to be working great, as far as I’m hearing from you all!


Suggested Feedback:

Give users the option to control the delay time between turning on the seat belt sign and when the first welcome message is played. Feels awkward to have the message played right when/after the seat belt sign is turned on.

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Wasn’t able to reproduce this one - what were your settings? When I set the altitude to 5000, say, it worked fine for me in the c208…safety briefing also works with the latest update. could you check?

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I agree! Instead of ANOTHER option to set, I’ve just added a short 3-6 second delay which feels nice. Will be in the next update


Hey there, loving the new update! One question I do have is whether it is possible to remove the ‘watch your speed’ alerts for aircraft which are exempt from the restrictions? To have it playing again and again is highly annoying, and when I turn it off manually I forget to turn it back on, to the point I forgot it existed last time.

I just downloaded the testflight app, what code should I redeem??

Safety Briefing now good.
Re F/A prepare for landing,
Beginning descent 5000
Prepare for landing 1500
Cruise 8000, ALT off, VS 0
When VS moved to -300 or more the announcement plays.
Then it plays again correctly at 1500.
Aside from that…typical IFA perfection. Good effort John.


Trying this just today ! The auto fill is amazing !

Just a minor bug:
IPad Pro 11
Seatbelt on turned the welcome, however when started the push back, the crossing 10,000 ft message came on (ZULS is at 11,700ft MSL !)

Keep up the great job @epaga

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I’m running the beta on my iPad Pro 12.9in 2018, and I’ve noticed it start to overheat ever since I’ve been running the beta. Could this be related to the app or is it just a coincidence?

Looking at the code, the only way this is possible is if at 5000 you are < 1500 AGL(!), and then the terrain perhaps drops way back down so you’re back up over 1500 AGL, then drop again below later on, is this possible?

The altitude setting is for AGL.

Thanks! This was a bug, I’ve now fixed it, it will be in the next update.

Doubt it’s related, but you could test by uninstalling again and seeing if there’s a difference. Anyone else have this effect?

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I’ll see if I can get myself set tonight

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Its still doing it John.
I’ve changed settings to 6000 and 2000 (over water flights btw), but when VS is set at a neg (-500), “F/A prepare for landing “ happens…then it plays again at 2000. It’s not a big deal…
Not many flying the 208 these days. I’ll try a TBM and see what happens, will advise.

What code should I use in the apple beta app?

Patrick, I didn’t need a code. Download IFA, then download “Test Flight “. It should show IFA there. Press update.
Then you can open IFA from there.

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