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Do you have Voice Commands enabled?

When you turn up the audio, the mic will pick it up and IF-A will hear it as a command.

It’s best to use a headset when Voice Commands is turned on.

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Yes Voice Commands is Enabled and I have a microphone attached.

Command recognition works fine. But the problem happened when I wasn’t using Voice Command. I was setting the flaps manually and receive this repeated acknowledgements. This happens with Flaps 15 and 20 only on B77W only.

Just try it without Voice Commands enabled to see what happens.

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Thank you for your reply. I will and try you know. I am mid flight now.

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Yes. With the Voice Command disabled, the repeated announcements are gone.

Puzzling, because all the hardware are the same. Problem only appeared with the 19.1.

No, it’s not. 😉

When Voice Commands is enabled it is always active.
To prevent this issue, either use a headset when Voice Commands is enabled, or turn it off.

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Thank you. I appreciate your response and explanation.

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Out of curiosity will it ever be able to pick up southern drawl accurately? For voice commands?

“ever” is a long time, so don’t know how to answer that. I had a couple ideas for improving it but too many other things on my list that rank higher (IF-O for Android, etc.) I do hope to improve the voice commands one day - maybe even allow for you to record your own commands!

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Hey, how fast is the VS on the set altitudes

Hey. Anyone have this answer? @Jan or @epaga

It depends on the distance between the waypoints.

VNAV simply calculates the VS needed to get to the altitude set for the next waypoint.

The max VS is limited to 5000.

Use with caution.
It’s not a FMC.
When wrong altitudes are set, the aircraft can stall or overspeed.

Does that answer your question?


Yes it does

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That’s true I find if you’re using the step climb altitutes from fpltoif in the VNAV it makes your plane climb at a high vertical speed when you takeoff causing your plane to stall so you have to be careful. But it’s still a really good tool though.

I tried In-Flight Assistant. It works so well when it works. I asked for a refund from Apple. Always force to shut on or off Infinity Connect, kill apps, restart iPhone to have it working. So.
So, I can’t wait Infinity Flight including Airbus saying APPROACHING MINIMUMS, MINIMUMS, RETARD. And shaky camera. It would make my day.


It seems highly unlikely that what you’re describing is being caused by the app.
Something else must be wrong.
Otherwise this topic would be full of similar reports.

Could you share more information about your device, the iOS version and other related things?

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MaxSez. Glad this Topic got bumped; IF Assistant. “I never Launch without it”! Missed the Promo Vid during my hiatus. Impressive and tells it like it is. Use this Developers 6 Pack Instrument App on most GA aerobatic go’s in my trusty Decathlon. This is the only developer I know of who provides a direct personal problem solving link right up front with a purchase.
(Note: Assistant corrected my continual launch/auto pilot shut down “Over Speed” Violation caused by distraction. I hear the “Dummy Warning’ in my sleep.)
(@Jan, Good to see ya!)
Regards All, Max Sends


Max!!! So glad to see you!!
How are you?
Are you back?
You’ve been missed!

Thanks! 😊

So here’s what I’m working on next: automatically import V-speeds into IF-A for your current aircraft!

365 Likes, 35 Comments - In-Flight Assistant (@inflightassistant) on Instagram: “Here is what I am working on today: automatically fill in the V-speeds for your aircraft given its…”

The speeds I will be using will be hand-picked and tweaked based on various data sources including the community sheet I started a while back and this awesome table by @Kuba_Jaroszczyk and testing done by my own kids. 😂


I bought this app last year without the intention of purchasing everything else. And let’s just say I did the opposite of my wanted intention 😂