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Glad it’s working for you now.

For some reason, deleting and reinstalling IF-A sometimes solves issues.
I even had to reboot one of my devices in order to get it working again.
No idea why.


It worked thank you!

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Hey! I have a question. So the VNAV climb feature is great but I do have one issue. Why does it climb to the assigned altitude so far away? I notice that once your leg is activated to the waypoint, it’ll start climbing even if you are 100NM out and it would be only like 2,000ft. Is there a way to make it auto-climb at a specific distance from the waypoint? If so, how?

So i figured out my problem. I can’t use IF Assistant with IF Passenger at the same time. I have to use IF Passenger on a different device. Did a flight with just IF and IF Assistant and it worked fine.


As stated some time ago:

You could add extra waypoints just for altitude changes.

Hey so quick update…as usual this has been a drag to figure out - especially the weird callouts during respawning have given me a headache.

  • IF will tell me it’s in a flight and that I’m on the ground… (but it’s actually still loading)
  • then (say if I’m spawning into KASE in the mountains), it will tell me i’m in a flight and at AGL 7800 feet (but it’s still loading)
  • then finally it’ll be back to 0 AGL…

So there’s some wonkiness needing to be worked around. I’m now ignoring any time IF tells me it’s at AGL > 0 but that its ground speed is still 0. That seems to be helping.
I’m also resetting ALL values when you enter the Main Menu just in case IF doesn’t give me new values which seems to help.

It’ll now be a second or two after spawning in before it catches itself, but that’s better than giving wrong callouts.

Currently uploading another beta for Tester Extraordinaire @Jan (who just to be clear, is a VOLUNTEER tester - it’s truly a staggering amount of time he’s put into helping test IF and IF-A to an insane degree) and he will test some more.

Then I’ll port these changes over to Android.

For anyone with issues: it seems like right now

  • If you’re experiencing crashes or resets, it can help to totally delete and reinstall IF-A and to NOT have other apps like Infinite Passengers running at the same time (the new API is not as stable as the old one was)
  • You should also currently freshly restart IF-A each time you’re back in the main menu, that should soon no longer be necessary.

Hello Jan,

After switching back to the normal version of IF-A and also deleted and reinstalled the app am still getting disconnected from IF-A, do you think my device is just too old or do I need to turn down my settings?

I don’t know, to be honest.
Unfortunately I still haven’t been able to replicate the disconnection issues.

You could always try lowering the settings, but I think that shouldn’t have an impact on the API.
I did understand the new API is less stable than the previous version, so it’s worth trying.

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Hey Jan alright I think I figured it out, the issue is when I go from Infinite Flight to IF-A to auto fill V-Speeds for take off is when the disconnect happens, going from one app to the other, it disconnects and stays disconnected. I did some testing that’s what I found. Now if I Open IF-A and then Infinite Flight and leave it like that without going back to IF-A to auto fill V-Speeds everything works fine apart from the camera shake and on take off it does t call out V1 just V2. Hopefully I explained my self right, if you have any questions let me know.

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The missing V1 and Rotate callouts has already been fixed in the beta I’m using.

I wonder why IF-A gets disconnected when switching apps. 🤔

Have you tried putting IF-A in a slide-over?

Do you have Background App Refresh enabled, in Settings, under General?
Not sure if it makes a difference though.

Does this message change after disconnecting?

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How do you do a slide over? Currently to switch apps I just double tap the home button and select app.

I do have that option on background app refresh, however I checked that list and neither IF-A or Infinite Flight are on that list.

The connected message stays that doesn’t change, it’s not until I go back to the Infinite Flight app that I realize nothing works any more, flaps spoilers most of the callouts.

Try this!

I turned it off, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.
Everything keep working here.

Most, or all?

When your switch back to IF-A after the callouts have stopped, has the message changed to “Not connected”?

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Jan my friend you are a genius, the slide over option solve my issue, I was able to use both apps without getting disconnected, I was able to auto fill the take off v- speeds and app worked perfect from take off to landing and I even got the camera shake which I’ve never had on the E-175 I think.

Previously when I was getting disconnected and all callouts were not working it would still say Connected to Infinite Flight. If you need more info let me know.

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The slide-over is just a way to have apps visible at te same time.
It shouldn’t have any effect on what’s happening in the background. 🤷.

Glad it’s now working for you though. 👍

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That is very interesting then, but yeah switching apps like this is much easier, faster and keeps connection between both stable, that’s the only different thing I did, thanks again for the suggestion.

Those missing v1 and rotate callouts got me the other day. Was waiting to hear them and when I looked down I was at 200 knots and hadn’t rotated. Glad it was figured out!

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Even with the slide over option, IF-A started losing connection to Infinite Flight, it was working fine for a bit but it started disconnecting again.

I was expecting that to happen.
I honestly have no idea.

Are you talking about when I get the copilot callout for a positive rate when it loads? I am getting no callouts at all now after that started to occur

Also it thinks I am on my last flight, and it says no takeoff flaps configured, applying v speeds for A350 low flaps (did that flight yesterday)