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So, I really wish there was an option to pin posts so they’re visible throughout the thread, but here again is the information I need people to understand:

IF-A was working pretty much fine up until the 22.8 release of IF, in which Infinite Flight (not me) changed their API in a few spots, which caused a couple of the features in IF-A to stop working as before - especially the VNAV flight plan format was changed.
Additionally, they told me they’d make an even bigger change in 23.1. So I started work to transfer both IF-A iOS and Android over to the new API. Then they postponed those API changes last-minute from 23.1 to 23.2.

The current production release of IF-A works for the most part with the current production release of IF, but yes - Shaky Cam & VNAV are two current known issues. Other than asking for patience, there’s not much I can do right now. IF-A is purely a side project for me.

iOS IF-A should work great once 23.2 is released.
Android IF-A is currently being worked over by me. Jan has - as he has been for years - been an invaluable help in testing and finding and reporting issues.

Hope this clears stuff up a bit.