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Thanks for the tip

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Ooooh…why’s this been opened up 😳😳

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Good question, but we definitely need some fixes for 777F and the new 330neo.


Hey guys, it’s been a while, I’ve been mainly posting updates on the other beta thread, but now that I’m getting to close to releasing the update, I’ve asked the mods for this main thread to be opened back up again since it contains lots of helpful info in the main post.

I’ve just released a new iOS beta build on TestFlight which will…

  • include the v-speed estimation for the new Airbus 330-900neo and 777F
  • restore VNAV + flight plan functionality.
  • remove autopilot disconnect sounds from the planes that already have those built in via IF
  • which contains the new “Bushtalk” audio tour feature I’ve added

Unless any big issues crop up with this version, I will release it on the App Store soon!!!


Do you have an estimated time for android update as well? Will be nice to have the neo and the 777F speed calcs.

Awesome additions! Thanks for the great work.

Will do the simple fixes for Android next. The last months have been rough to find time & energy to get any side project work done (plus I got sick a few weeks ago and have been trying to shake it - and no, thankfully not COVID). But v-speeds and disconnect sound fixes are quick enough to port over.


That’s great news. Thanks for all your hard work,it is very much appreciated!

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Thank you all for your patience! I realize it’s been many months since I’ve done much. Just been at quite the low when it comes to having time & energy for side projects like this. Hopefully this will be changing! :)

Found a couple more issues in the beta thanks to @Jan and his amazing testing so have uploaded a new beta build with a couple more fixes!


Is there any for it to stop quitting on me during ultra long haul flights? It’s always about 50% IF-A will quit on me if I am doing 14+ hrs flight. (Same thing occurs with IF-O)

hello, I’m having a problem with the app… every time I start it and the IF, it keeps saying READY IF YOU’RE A CAPTAIN without stopping… I need to close the app because it won’t stop talking… would you be able to help me ?

That’s a system ram management issue unfortunately.

there’s nothing i can do?

This happened to me when using one recent open-beta version of IF. It does not happen anymore in my case.

I already downloaded this new version that has the 330-900… your stopped when you downloaded this one? or was that the one that gave a problem?

@epaga is there a way to remove the in-app notification asking to Share or Rate the App? can’t remember which of the two the notification was asking of me, apologies I was just so mad, I just pressed anything to get it off my screen. I looked around for a way to disable just this feature alone in iPhone settings, could not find anything. I’m also puzzled because I had Do Not Disturb activated and de-activated notifications for this app and yet this notification popped up.

It COMPLETELY! RUINED! a 14 hour flight’s landing right at the very moment I was initiating flare, LITERALLY at THAT very moment!

Not entirely sure if the notification came from IFOPS or (beta) IF ASST (doubt its IFOPS as i’ve never ever seen this come up until right now when I updated to the beta on IFASST) but it couldn’t have come at a worst time…

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Hi there.

Sorry to hear you’re having issues.

A couple of questions in order to help you better:

  • Which device are you using?
  • Since when are you having issues?
  • Was there an OS update before it started?
  • If on Android, were you able to exclude both IF and IF-A from the battery monitoring feature?
    This feature has been know for trying to kill apps running in the background, so you need to make sure it leaves IF, IF-A and IF-O alone.

Please answer these question and supply any information that could help.

Hey everyone, I’m about to submit the current iOS Beta to Apple! Thanks to all the beta testers and especially @Jan for the excellent help and feedback.

Dude, that sucks, and I’m so very sorry that happened. The only way I can explain how this could have happened (it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of it happening like this) was that for some reason your device shut down and restarted IF-A right at that moment. I think that ratings notification only can pop up at like the 10th startup of the app or something - what I can try to do is to make sure it doesn’t pop that notification open if the app is not currently in the foreground (which is what I would have expected!).

This means your Android phone keeps repeatedly shutting down IF-A and then restarting it. Try a fresh reboot, making sure your battery saving mode is off and follow any instructions on this site for your device (other apps have the same issue)