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Hmmm, well I use an android tablet, but it stays in portrait mode, even though IF is in landscape.
Maybe its OS dependent?

Is your rotational lock off?

On Android the app is in portrait mode only, unless you’re able to use it like this:

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Not sure if this is the appropriate place, but a possible feature addition would be a chime when landing gear is retracted/deployed? Would be quite cool! 🤓

Would love to buy this, but it’s too expensive for me…

Hey guys, an update for Android is now rolling out with a fix for the repeating sound issue.

Also, since the API has changed (and IF has been adding their own cockpit movements) I’ve removed Shaky Cam for now on Android. May re-implement it later if people really miss it.

Hope this fixes the main issues on Android for people!


Thats great, Thank you so much @epaga for all the hard work you guys do. Not to worry about shaky cam - I can live without that I’ll just shake my head around instead. :)

Why exactly would this be useful?

What a salty reply! I didn’t suggest it would be useful, just cool.

Many thanks, this app is soooo good and has helped me so much keeping decent stats (avoiding violations). I think I got 1 vio since I use it… and 32 before! 😉

That wasn’t supposed to be rude, sorry if it came across as such. Let me rephrase
Why would that be cool? I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, just asking why you think it should be added.

IRL, you often hear a cabin chime when the landing gear is retracted after takeoff. The flight crew then chime the cabin when established on final approach. I’m a fan of cabin chimes. Apologies if you don’t share this enthusiasm 😂.

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Never heard that before. Maybe it’s aircraft specific or i don’t know something like that.

No, I’m not saying it’s a bad idea or anything like I don’t like cabin chimes. I was curious as to why there should be a chime at that particular point in time. Sorry if my reply came off rude.

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Thanks for all your hard work. I saw there’s an update for 777lr and 773. Do you know when can we see an update for the 777 Freighter version? We cannot calculate v speeds for 777F at the moment moment.


It would be a great addition to the app… Would incrase the realism… I love that sound too…

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@epaga Hi mate. I’m having trouble connecting IF-O to IF the past couple of flights. IF-A connects without any problem but IF-O just sits at the pre-flight stage and there is no chime. I’ve reinstalled IF-O and still no joy. Any ideas?


I should state that I’m using a Samsung S9+ with Android 10.

The issue seems to have been resolved.

Please put shakey cam back !!!

If there is that existing now in default IF
its barely apparent…


The coolest feature of IFA and it gets bagged ???



Please put it back asap !
thanks John

@epaga are you guys planning to add integrated checklist app in future ?


Hello I have a quick question:

I recently got a new Apple ID and I’ve enabled family sharing from the previous Apple ID I had purchased the in app purchases on to this new Apple ID I have now.

However, the app doesn’t recognize these purchases through restore purchases.

How do I family share the in-app purchases I’ve made from the previous Apple ID with this new Apple ID I have?