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Hi guys.

I was just wondering if you have seen this topic? And if its related to the API changes?

It looks like it.
It’s being investigated.
Hopefully more information, and a fix, will be available soon.

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Thank you.

I managed to get it back after it went bonkers by closing and opening the app over and over and finally it connected properly.

So sorry for the delay in responding, I’ve been very preoccupied with my other app SmoothTrack.

The repeating sound thing is of course an issue I’d like to fix (though it seems hard to reproduce).

IMPORTANT: If anyone gets the repeating sound issue, could you please send in the IF Log (in Settings)? Laura wants to look into whether the issue is on IF’s side or on IF-A’s side. Thanks!

Also VNAV has stopped working (again). IF’s API on this has changed in 20.2 and the old one doesn’t work any more, so I’m going to need to swap over to the new one to get IF-A’s VNAV working again. Planning on doing that soon(ish).


Given that VNAV for cruise is not coming in 20.2 would it be possible to integrate it into the android operating system?

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For anyone with the repeating sound issue (@JerseyAnt and others), thanks to the TIRELESS and AMAZING beta testers @Jan and @Jeno_Farkas, I was able to pinpoint what the issue was, it was a tricky little (dumb) bug having to do with reading in longer data from the IF API. I’m pretty sure I have it fixed and will hopefully be releasing an update soon that will fix it.

Note that this issue only happens on Android and in some areas while flying (probably where there are lots of airports nearby), so flying in more remote places should help until the fix is out :)

Given that VNAV for cruise is not coming in 20.2 would it be possible to integrate it into the android operating system?

Possible perhaps, but IF themselves will be adding to their VNAV function. VNAV is a TON of work so I’d hate to add it to Android only for it to soon after be available anyways in IF. Not planning on that at this point.


Thank you @epaga for the update. I did have to issue again on my last flight but I just kept turning the API connect on and off and finally it sorted itself out.

Thank you again for all your hard work I really love your apps. 🙂


Hey @epaga.
I just wanted to buy IF-A but I just wanna make sure… Does it work with v20.2?

Not to well as of now because infinite flight has change there API system. But it is worth it as when he fixes it it will be perfect.

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Yes it does. There are two known issues that popped up right before release (everything was working up till then) - one is the shaky cam feature is too sensitive (just turn it off for now) and the second is the repeating “Captain, ready when you are” in some areas of the world (more serious, but only on Android and will have a fix soon)


I’m using iPadOS so no problem with the talking. Anyways thanks!

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Is there a way to use the IFAsistant app on my phone but have IF on my tablet?

IF-A only works on the same device as IF.


Thank you!

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Will you ever consider making InFlight Assistant compatible in landscape mode?

(I feel really silly 😅 having to turn my head 90° every time I want to set V-speeds when starting up a flight in IF. I am a tablet user btw)

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Mine works landscape

On what kind of device?

An iPad pro

Hmmm, well I use an android tablet, but it stays in portrait mode, even though IF is in landscape.
Maybe its OS dependent?

Is your rotational lock off?