In-Flight Assistant - Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level! V-Speeds, GPWS, PA, and more!

That’s true I find if you’re using the step climb altitutes from fpltoif in the VNAV it makes your plane climb at a high vertical speed when you takeoff causing your plane to stall so you have to be careful. But it’s still a really good tool though.

I tried In-Flight Assistant. It works so well when it works. I asked for a refund from Apple. Always force to shut on or off Infinity Connect, kill apps, restart iPhone to have it working. So.
So, I can’t wait Infinity Flight including Airbus saying APPROACHING MINIMUMS, MINIMUMS, RETARD. And shaky camera. It would make my day.


It seems highly unlikely that what you’re describing is being caused by the app.
Something else must be wrong.
Otherwise this topic would be full of similar reports.

Could you share more information about your device, the iOS version and other related things?

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MaxSez. Glad this Topic got bumped; IF Assistant. “I never Launch without it”! Missed the Promo Vid during my hiatus. Impressive and tells it like it is. Use this Developers 6 Pack Instrument App on most GA aerobatic go’s in my trusty Decathlon. This is the only developer I know of who provides a direct personal problem solving link right up front with a purchase.
(Note: Assistant corrected my continual launch/auto pilot shut down “Over Speed” Violation caused by distraction. I hear the “Dummy Warning’ in my sleep.)
(@Jan, Good to see ya!)
Regards All, Max Sends


Max!!! So glad to see you!!
How are you?
Are you back?
You’ve been missed!

Thanks! 😊

So here’s what I’m working on next: automatically import V-speeds into IF-A for your current aircraft!

365 Likes, 35 Comments - In-Flight Assistant (@inflightassistant) on Instagram: “Here is what I am working on today: automatically fill in the V-speeds for your aircraft given its…”

The speeds I will be using will be hand-picked and tweaked based on various data sources including the community sheet I started a while back and this awesome table by @Kuba_Jaroszczyk and testing done by my own kids. 😂


I bought this app last year without the intention of purchasing everything else. And let’s just say I did the opposite of my wanted intention 😂


This is most welcome to users like me, who have a tough time in getting IFA to recognize commands.

Oh wow! This will be amazing!!! Got an ETA?


Did you expect something more specific than “When it’s done!”? ;)

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Nuff said. 😜

Connecting with the VNAV - I think you should be able to set the maximum VS that the VNAV Autopilot can go to, even if it doesn’t get to the required altitude at that waypoint. This would reduce the risk of stalling midway through flight due to a small distance between waypoints. Thoughts?

That would mean a more advanced VNAV system.
Right now it’s a very simple system.

When you set it up right, with care, the current VNAV feature will work fine.

I’d personally love a real FMC though. ;)


Nice addition!

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Heheheheheheheeh to be honest i didnt… but its always worth a shot

oh my. That will be amazing and will literally make everyones life easier!!

I hope this might help and stop the amount of tail strikes I see… 😂

Thank you for the hard work and effort!

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This will be awesome and I can’t wait 😊 thanks for all your hard work

Lastest iOS version on iPhone XR. Lastest IF and IF-A.
First launch it works perfectly, I even edited a Shortcut to launch IF-A than IF in one.
But if you finish flying and come back later for another flight nothing warranted to work. Weather I use my Shortcut, or launching manually apps (whatever the order), setting ON/OFF IF Connect. But if I restart my device it would be working like a charm.
Well, too complicated to stand. I’m gonna be refund from Apple for IF-A and an in-apps purchase.
I will make do without MINIMUMS, RETARD when landing etc. I hope that it would be integrated by IF team one of these days…

OK doing a first with this next release: a limited-time public beta! Share this link freely on social media if you’d like! You can take part in the beta even if you’ve never purchased In-Flight Assistant before! Unlike Google Play betas, iOS TestFlight betas are free while they last!

  1. Download the app “TestFlight”.
  2. Tap that link.
  3. That should install In-Flight Assistant as a beta!

Things to test for this update:

  • v-speeds - enter a flight, set up your weight and flaps, then go into IF-A and tap “autofill”. It should fill in automatically calculated v-speeds.
    • Please let me know if any of the speeds are off by tapping “Report error…”
  • Welcome briefing now when seatbelt activated, if “pushback first” - else when starting engine.
  • Safety briefing when starting engine if “pushback first” - else at pushback.
  • Fixed some RAAS warnings not coming for C208.

Report any issues here, please!


I will try it out and get back to you.

I have a suggestion though. What about making a feature that can automatically retract flaps and gear on takeoff? It would fall under something kind of like the new V-speeds program. I thought it could save hassle. You could also set them to retract at a certain altitude.

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