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Unfortunately I think there’s little chance they’d want to do this. IF-A is intended to add on functionality instead of removing or replacing IF functionality.

Which device are you on? Is it a Huawei?

VNAV improvements are definitely something I’m considering, especially since it seems like the other VNAV projects’ activities have slowed quite a bit.


The other VNAV projects always seemed a little fanciful

Nvidia shield tablet. Great for IF

Can you check whether there is a battery saving mode or something else that might be shutting down background apps? That seems to be a problem with Android - depending on the settings it will simply shut down background apps if it determines that it needs more performance.

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I dont use battery saving mode on my tablet. I always have it plugged in while flying. I don’t have clean master either. so nothing should. especially considering i just reset it

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OMG I have had this issue so many times… I use and Android Samsung Galaxy S7 and it keeps shutting down the IF-A app… I have tried the “battery save” solution and also close all other apps so I only run IF and IF-A but it didn’t work for me… it’s a wonderful app and I want to use it but and start livestreaming with it but right now I can’t… is there another solution you think I can try?

I’d really like to figure this out. Let’s move this discussion to the Android thread over here -> In-Flight Assistant v1.0 (Android) - Take IF to a new level! RAAS coming soon with the next update!

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What I have noticed during the last few weeks:
If wanted to record screen or stream I used to follow these steps:

  1. Start recording program
  2. Select iPhone as audio and video source
  3. Open IFA
  4. Open IF
    To record again I had to do the same thing over and over.
    But there has something changed. It took me a while to figure out:
    1… Start IFA
    2… Open IF
    3… Start recording program
    4… Select iPhone as audio and video source

The good thing about that change is that it is way easier to record now. Anyway, I don’t remember reading this in the changelog. Did you even change it or did it come with iOS 12?


I didn’t change anything so I’d assume it’s iOS 12.

@epaga, since the update my RAAS voice is female. Is there any way to make it male? My co-pilot voice setting does not change the RAAS one. Thanks!

Is your IF voice female at all?

Just the ATC voice but the RAAS sounds like a different female voice I believe.

The same thing happens to me.


Anyone have an idea?

Well…it’s complicated.

Like I said earlier; the voice used by RAAS depends on the installed voices on the device.
IF-A is set to use a default voice for RAAS. Right, @epaga?

You can find all installed voices under Accessibility.
At least that’s is how I expect it should work.

Here comes the strange part:

I’ve got two iPads here. One is my wife’s.
On my iPad RAAS uses a female voice. On my wife’s iPad RAAS uses a male voice.

It looks like the voice RAAS is using on my wife’s iPad is Aaron en-US.
I can also select that voice in IF. However, I can’t find it in the device’s speech settings anywhere.

I can’t find the voice RAAS is using on my iPad. None of the voices under Accessibility and in IF match.
I can’t install Aaron either.

It also seems the installed voices are different for each iOS version.
Voice are added and deleted. It looks like voices can’t be added or deleted by users. You can install or delete them, but the list of voices itself can not be changed.

How it’s possible that the list of voices in IF is different from the list under Accessibility, I really can’t explain.
The fact that RAAS can even be using a voice that’s not on both lists is even stranger.

So it’s a real mystery.

If anyone else can shed some light on this, I’m all ears.


OK, so about that ^ I’m submitting a fix for the accent issue when your iPad is not set to English.

For which voice gets used, I am going to prioritize enhanced American English, otherwise enhanced English, otherwise normal American English, otherwise any English voice.

In other news, Apple is forcing me to provide a privacy policy. 🙄

So, without further ado, here is my official In-Flight Assistant Privacy Policy:


10/10 best privacy policy ever. Would read again 👌


Best. Privacy. Policy. Ever.

That’s excellent 👌

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Thanks! To be fair, though, I stole from the already existing best privacy policy ever, just tweaked it a bit. ;)

I wish instead of needing to provide a policy, Apple would have a check mark I could tick that said “Stores no data”.

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That is amazing. I love it

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