In-Flight Assistant - Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level! V-Speeds, GPWS, PA, and more!

if he has am sure he will announce it, for now only for iOS

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Yes it is just you because the app is $8, each addon is $8, there are 3 addons, it is barely $50

No one is forcing you to pay for it, don’t wanna pay, move on.


if you buy all the Infinite Pax app the sound packs then yes it might be.
But this app you said up to 100 Bucks that’s exaggerate…

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5? You including the new one? Because I’m counting 3 in my app :P

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Oh yes I was counting Co-Pilot as an add-on, and I dunno where the 5th one came from xD

But yes @Reddy that’s even further away from $100

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OK, just submitted the update to Apple for review! Hope it all goes well! 😁

Here are the release notes in case you’re interested:

Thanks for your patience everyone! This is a nice, big, new update for you. Hope you like it - and if so, I’d be thankful for ratings and reviews!


  • New Flight Alerts system - on iPhone, go to the “More” tab to find it. This Flight Alerts system is included with your GPWS add-on purchase - if you already have it, this update is included for free!
  • New callouts for 28° and 50° flaps settings.
  • New “Pushback First” option for Passenger Announcements: If this is on, you will get the “First Welcome” at Pushback and the “Safety Briefing” when you start your engines. If it is off, you will get the “First Welcome” when you start your engines and the “Safety Briefing” when you start moving.
  • New chime and setting “Altitude Reached” which comes when you are within 1000 feet of the autopilot altitude
  • Fix for Voice Command Test not requesting recording permission
  • Fix for rare random “Minimums” callouts
  • Most importantly and excitingly (for some of you), a slightly different sounding “RETARD” callout. ;-P


  • First set a flight plan in Infinite Flight. Then enter the Flight Alert page. Your flight plan will show up.
  • Tap a row’s alarm bell button to set a proximity alert for that waypoint. Enter how many nm’s away you want to be notified.
  • Tap a row’s altitude or speed area to set an altitude or speed you want the autopilot to set when the plane is headed toward that waypoint. The V/S will be calculated for you.
  • Speed settings will be auto-limited to 250kts below 10,000 feet to attempt help you avoid speed warnings
  • NOTE: Enter a double digit number to enter a Mach speed. (79 = 0.79 Mach, for example)
  • NOTE: Just as in real life, you will normally want to still monitor your flight and double-check your settings. The system is well-tested, but if you screw up your settings, you will screw up your flight! :-)

Sweet! Can’t wait for this new update!

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Nice! Gonna be great, thanks John

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Excellent to hear! I will start looking out for it on the app store in the coming days, should all go well!

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Awesome, can’t wait.


Wow that was fast - Apple reviewed it and it is now being rolled out on the Store! Enjoy, everyone! Let me know if you have questions or run into issues.


Update is working great so far! Thank you for your dedication to the app!

Excellent… uploading as soon as I land!


OH SWEET!!! Got to try it out for myself!

Well, I have an embarrassing confession to make. The current release is not checking in-app purchases at all (I had turned off the check for easier testing and forgot to turn it back on again).

This means that GPWS, Voice Commands, and Passenger Announcements will all be fully functional and working for you all, whether you purchased the in-apps or not. Thanks to the brave, honest soul who sent me a DM about this. 😂

So I’m going to fix this as soon as I can and send in an update. So you can view the current version as a free trial of the in-apps you haven’t purchased yet, I guess.

Enjoy it while it lasts. 😂


Got the update. Thanks for your work John!



I shall test out voice commands and see if it works with my accent, then maybe buy it if it does!

Currently updating, so glad how quick apple reviews are now! Thank you once again for this epic update, even if it has one little issue.

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Well the Voice Command test should be working either way, that’s why I made it, but thanks! 😂

Ok I don’t know if it’s just that I am on the beta version of I.F. but it called out “minimums” at random. It didn’t do the “prepare for landing” and “after landing” announcements. Also it didn’t give chime when altitude was reached. Just an FYI!

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Hmm possible, I suppose - strange, though. I’m on the beta, too, I will test tomorrow, I think. Going to bed now. 😬👍🏻