In-Flight Assistant - Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level! V-Speeds, GPWS, PA, and more!

Does this need to be installed in the same device that runs the simulator?

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Yes I believe it does

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For many it has helped to disable your phone’s Power Saving mode. This tends to shut down background apps if the foreground app is using too much power, and IF uses more power since the update.


Oh haha never thought of that. Thanks!

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Wow! I love this. Just discovered it and am loving every second. :-)

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So glad! Now that In-Flight Instruments is out and the big bug fixed, I will be able to start focusing back on IF-A for a bit! 😁


Hey everyone, I’m currently in the process of thinking through 2018 and “where to go from here” with In-Flight Assistant and In-Flight Instruments. I’d really appreciate it if many of you would take the time to answer this quick survey about a list of things you’d love to see me add to either In-Flight Assistant or In-Flight Instruments.

This can include bug fixes, feature requests, or really any other crazy ideas you might have. Even if you’ve already told me your idea in the past, please go ahead and write it again in the survey, that way I’ll have it all in one place. If you think of an idea later, feel free to do the survey again or edit your response (both should be possible).

I’ll be leaving this survey open for 1 week. After this, I will collect all your requests, and am then going to try an experiment with what I’d call “Community-Driven Development”. I’m going to make a shortlist from all your requests, and you all will get to vote on what I will develop next. 🙈 Should be fun!

You all rock, and I am really thankful for this community and looking forward to hearing your crazy thoughts and ideas.


I’m gonna try this! Let’s see how this goes! Toning to get everything except voice command!

*update… @epaga ok I’m digging this! Cool! Adds much more to the experience!


More than 40 of you have responded to the survey already, with lots of thoughts! Awesome! 4 more days to go - if you haven’t yet, please let me know “where to go from here” for In-Flight Assistant and Instruments.

NOTE: this is not about Infinite Flight development. In-Flight Assistant and Instruments are third-party add-on apps for Infinite Flight. (I’ve had a couple people asking for landing gear smoke. 🙄)


IF Assistand saved me from violations a lot


Thanks John, I’ll take the survey, can’t wait for what’s in store for us!

Edit; I submitted mine

Will you give us an update like what features will add next coming update? :)

I can say the same. It has saved my behind quite a lot.

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That’s what this survey is all about! I’ll be taking your guys’ suggestions, then I will be coming up with a shortlist, which I will have you all vote on. That way the community will basically decide what comes next! 😎

I will make sure to include details like how long I think things will take. :)

OK - here is the thread for development plans (making a new thread since it involves both Instruments and Assistant) - Epaga's In-Flight Apps Planning Thread



I love the app, but there is one thing that is pissing me off.

Like when I use voice command and I say, “Flaps 15 degrees” it does nothing and when I say “set speed 2-8-0”, it sets the plane to go 8280 knots.

I have tried to close out and get back in and re-download and it doesn’t work.

Good Day, SouthernDude


Try really pronouncing the letters and syllables louder (the louder syllables are the ones in Caps lock)

And try really putting on the American accent


I am American and thank you for that. Appreciated.

Good Day, SouthernDude

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Yeah the voice commands can be kind of iffy if you don’t have a straightforward midwestern American accent (judging by your nickname, perhaps you have more of a Southern accent?).
This is why I made the „Voice Command Test“ Button in the app so people can test beforehand whether it recognizes their voice.
If you can try as much as possible to sound midwestern it should work better but may still not be perfect! Sorry…

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Is there a video of the Cabin Crew Announcements as I don’t really want to spend $5 to find out and not like them.

It’s ok. Thank you for the help.

Good Day, SouthernDude