In-Flight Assistant App Giveaway! [Contest Closed]

Hey everyone!

Disclaimer: Please read this post in its entirety, and follow the link to the official contest rules. Questions asked on this thread that are already answered won’t be replied to.

There has been lots of excitement about the new third-party Infinite Flight companion app, In-Flight Assistant from @epaga. And now, in case you haven’t heard, he has partnered with FlightCast to offer listeners and fans a chance to win a promo code package for the app and both paid add-ons!

For Information on How to Enter

Ready to enter the contest? It’s super easy - all we need you to do is follow FlightCast on one of three (or all 3 to increase your chances of winning) social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. and Share, tweet, or repost the official post. Be sure to share publicly on facebook. If we can’t see your share, facebook won’t tell us who did it.

Check out the blog entry on the FlightCast blog for all contest details. Good luck!

For More Information on In-Flight Assistant


Already entered! PICK MEEEEEEE😂

Already bought it all ;-) Good luck to the rest of you!


Followed you guys on all 3 of the social media platforms and retweeted the post :)

It is a easy option , with all my followers and fans , one mention of this app and it will bigger then Infinite Flight itself !

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Done it all thanks @jasonrosewell

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That app is absolutely amazing. I’ve already bought it, so I won’t be entering, although I may follow them all anyways.

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Well this I have to see.


I have serious connections , let’s just put it that way! 😏

Heavy sarcasm

This contest is now closed

Thank you, to everyone who entered! The results are posted on the respective FlightCast social media platforms.

Happy New Year!
Jason and John (@epaga)


Am I too late?


Yes seriously

How is that confusing in any way?


Lol Jason #trollalert.

If you scroll up just a tiny bit you’ll see the words “Closed”.

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