In-Flight Assistant App 20.2 problem

Hello! I found a bug or problem… when i’m starting flight and IFApp, it stucks at word “Ready when you are Captain” and repeat it many times… like a creepy…
So i guess any have solution! Thanks!

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This is probably the place to ask questions about open beta problems. It’s probably not IFAssistant’s fault, but a bug in connect API

I think… no. Infinite Passengers works fine as In-Flight ops.

I would assume they rely on different commands in the API

I wouldnt consider issues with third parties to be a bug with IF itself, but rather an optimization issue with 20.2. IF doesnt develop third parties, and thus dont hold responsibility for issues of that sort.

For issues regarding IFAssistant, Id suggest you to contact @epaga.

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I just used it yesterday (well attempted) and I got the “Hey there Captain Ready when you are” message 700 times and had to immediately close the app. I thought it was something screwy and simply tried launching it again. Its still messed up. I’ll leave it alone til a fix comes out. Glad its not just me.

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