In-Flight Assistant (Android): V-Speed Update (1.3) is out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!

Okay guys, english from now on. Thanks :)


Will be releasing an update soon with the following improvements:

  • Decision Height is now set in AGL to stop people from posting 1-star reviews because they don’t understand the difference between MSL and AGL.
  • Can now switch between “80 knots” and “100 knots” as co-pilot callout for takeoff

Again, 5-star ratings or even short reviews are much appreciated! Thanks. 😃


Hi @epaga. Great job so far on the app. Not sure this is helpful, but would be nice to have something like this included in future releases:

  1. On airbus (take off roll) copilot calls “take off” then “man flex 46 (or whatever the number) /SRS/Rwy”
  2. On airbus would be pretty cool hearing the different detent click when going from climb to to/Ga mode for example

Let us know what you make of it.


We don’t have flex so not sure that would work 🙂😉

As we don’t have throttle settings not sure how John could program this

Sure. I get your point. That said I assume that a call-out can easily be included for #1 just to simulate the thing, no? At the very least, copilot could say “take off” to indicate T/O procedure happening.

Yes, potentially you could decide the flex number in-app. For #2 suggestion, I really can’t think of any solid way.

To #1:The take off procedure is not something said in the cockpit as it does not communicate any necessary information for the take off. V speed call outs, positive rate call outs and engine stable call outs (which flex is a part of) are the only things that should be said during the take off of the aircraft. As you can hear in the video linked below take off is not said on the take off roll but the flex call out is said to indicate that the aircraft is set at flex take off.

To #2: Flex is called at the engine spool up for engine stability and flex is only said when that thrust setting is selected. As stated earlier IF does not have thrust settings so there is no way to add the saying of flex because there is no flex setting you can choose from and flex is determined by more than just your V speeds it is determined by airport altitude, pressure, temperature etc. All of that is set up by the flight computer.

You can hear a very clear version of the take off procedure in an Airbus in this linked video


Love this so far. Quiet companion to remind me of details I may forget. I’d love to have a “brakes on or off” announcement. Still searching for the terrain warning but love it so far. Look up the V speeds before hand and youre set.

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The last few days I have had a hard time for it to load in game. and when it loads it will only work half the time. Or when it does load right it will keep saying ready when you are captain and not do anything else. I have tried several different aircrafts as well as voices. the main voice I use is John. The aircraft that I have used are Bowing 787-9 Bowing 737 and Air Bus 321. Also if it works threw out the fight by the time I am on final it stops and say ready when you are captain. Thanks for taking time to read this have a great day

Thanks for releasing the app on android @epaga. I downloaded it last night and I’m having a good time with the sounds, and will be purchasing the additional packs.

I did have one question though, do you plan on making the app work in landscape mode? Its not a big issue, so, no worries if not.

Thanks again.

Sorry to hear! Is this only the last few days, not before? Have you tried restarting your device? Do you have anything on your device that might block communication between the apps?

No plans at this point…I had landscape in for a while but the problem are the bazillion android device layouts and the rerendering causing issues, so at some point I decided it wasn’t worth the headaches and made it portrait only.

I understand. Like I said, no biggie :)


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Hi @epaga quick question :

On landing, the copilot calls “reversers green, decel and 80 knots” (it currently calls for spoilers extended, I think)

I don’t think the following features are currently activated, right. If so, any plans to include this in future releases?


That’s correct, there is no callout like that yet. Is this a standard callout, do you know? Where did you hear this?

Hi. Yes, I believe it is, though maybe applies more to Airbus. Have a look here: (from minute 3.00 onwards). You can hear the pilot monitoring calling spoilers, reversers green, decel, and then 70… This one is also quite clear: (around 5.30 min)



It is working again. I have done nothing different so I don’t know what issue was. but thx for the reply.

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Found a very good example for those callouts here as well (from 2:50 on)

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Agree very good one. That one is for epaga

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Next update will contain the “altitude reached” chime when you reach the altitude set on the autopilot. Should be fun! 🙂

I am still thinking through how best to do voice commands on Android.

Other than that I am still working on the separate app In-Flight Instruments.


Hopefully that isn’t the only addition in the next update for IFA 😉