In-Flight Assistant (Android): V-Speed Update (1.3) is out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!

I love this and I can not wait until the rest of the update hits. Keep up the good work.


hallo .voice command cant use on android? so we just only use manualy…

I just experienced a small bug, thought I share it real quick. With the 747-8F, if you put flaps 5 it says flaps 50%, flaps 10 it says flaps 100%. Thats weird, for all other flap settings there are no callouts.
Just wanted to let you know, nothing serious, just experienced before :)

Great app,
to anyone who does not have it now, Get It!


Think it’s mistaking it for a C-130 😂

Hmm I will check this out on all of the 747s right now can you tell me for what Co Pilot voice you are using as well as the livery used? I have not been able to reproduce this bug with any of the voices and 747 models

Edit: The following voices call outs are good for all 747 models


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Can’t reproduce this, tried all voice packs on all cargo and non cargo variants, which aircraft / livery were you using at the time?

What was your flight scenario?

ok! Thank you for attetion and excellent work

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Right now, for some reason I cant reproduce it either. It happened in a flight from EGBB in a 747 8F in Boeing Freight livery, before flying an Airbus A318. Ill get back here and record it if it happens again.
Thanks for the immediate help.

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Were you flying a C-130 beforehand? Perhaps it didn’t pick up the aircraft change or something…?

Is there any steps mentioned for how to use I’ve downloaded it and trying to play IF but is it not working @epaga

Activate “Infinite Flight Connect” in the general settings for Infinite Flight, start IF Assistant and you should be good to go.


Just adding onto what Seb said, sometimes you have to turn Infinite Flight Connect off and turn it on again. Whenever I can’t get In-Flight Assistant to work, this always does the trick.


The issue has been found!
Somehow the flaps settings aren’t reset after a flight. Great catch!
@epaga is on it! ;)
When switching aircraft, as a workaround just close IF-A after a flight and wait about a minute before restarting it.

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It works thanks for ur help


Great! Glad I could be of assistance - now go and have fun with your new app!


It has already been released! ;)
See the links in the original post.

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I just purchased the app on my computer. I’ve got two mobile devices on which I’m logged in on playstore with my google account. It works on my phone theoretically, but when I want to download it onto my tablet it asks me to purchase it again. Is that normal? I remember having downloaded IF on my smartphone first and then onto my tablet without any issues. Thanks for your great work, I can’t wait to test this amazing app :)

Hmmm that’s a Google Play specific question that I’m not sure about - if you are on the same google account on both devices, I would have assumed it would let you download on both with one purchase. Anyone know Google Play Store enough to answer this?

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Ok, problem solved :D I’ve opened the link above on my tablet and got connected to playstore with my google account, now it works.

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No, all good. I retested today - it seems like a one time bug without bigger impact, which doesnt my general rating of the app at all, and that is more than “outstandinly good”