In-Flight Assistant (Android): V-Speed Update (1.3) is out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!

I’m starting to run out of ideas…anyone else have a Sony device and could help out here? I’m assuming of course that “STAMINA mode” is off for you?

Is there a memory optimization area somewhere (that was a second! thing on a different device that would trigger)?

Hi, I have the same problems with my Sony xz2, app runs OK for a while then about two minutes taxi to runway it says 'ready when you are captain, I’ve tryed all the setting on the phone, still no joy.

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That is a bummer to hear - I really struggle to understand why they thought it’d be a good idea to cripple background apps like this.

Have you tried making IF and IF-A a “device admin app”? (see line 2)? Maybe that would make them uncloseable or something? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Grasping for straws here, I know - I keep thinking there MUST be a way to not make it shut down background apps.

I haven’t tested it out yet, but…
…Do the sound effects work on replays?

Great product bro I have had in flight assistant for a while now with it’s addons and it’s amazing. Does shaky cam work on replay?

Sadly, no on both counts at this point - since you can be jumping around on replay it makes it too hard to be able to know what the situation is. In fact, not even sure if the API gives the data…

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That’s very true amazing app without it no doubt hands down 👨‍✈️👊🏻

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Hi I tested app on Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 and Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6. Its working very great, but after today update I have small problem. When I turn on Seat belts on ground I have first announcment but I dont have safety announcment on pushback.
Sorry for my not good english.

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Thanks Patryk! Welcome to the IFC!

This is something I changed to simplify things: The safety announcement always should now start when you first start up your throttle. Does this work?

Your English is completely fine, man! :)


New Update ?
Whats new?

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  • Quite a few tweaked v-speeds
  • Passenger Announcements improvements (like Welcome coming at seatbelt sign, etc.) See my updated callouts guide for specs on when which callout comes, and please let me know if one doesn’t!
  • under the hood improvement of shaky cam

What’s under the “exceptions” tab in Power-saving exceptions?

Yes, of course it is off.

I didn’t found a memory optimisation.

This are just all the apps which can configure the system itself (“Geräteverwaltung”, I am assuming you can speak german), not custom apps.

You can just see a summary of all selected apps for the exception there.

No I dont have safety announcment at all. I have first announcment then silence until I am on the runway. Then I have prepare to takeoff announcment. And this happend after today morning (Central Europe Time) udpate. Yesterday this announcment works well. But besides this everything works great, autofill v-speed also works good.

Thank you. My main language is Polish so I youse my knowlege and translator so I was not sure if I was writing correcly.


I tried the Beta version for the first time today on both my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and S9+ and it works fantastic!! On both to and from Gran Canary island… never had that before on Android! Whatever you did to it thank you!

With regards, B4ND1T


Which airplane are you on?

Woohoo! Great to hear!

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Sound great

The “V-Speed Update”, Version 1.3 is currently rolling out to the Play Store! This is identical to the latest public beta, but for anyone who wasn’t in the beta, update and you should get the new autofill v-speed update!


I really hope you enjoy this update, since it’s been quite a bit of work! If so, would you consider leaving a 5-star Play Store review? Those really help! Thanks!

Remember: if you run into connection issues, please consult my Android Connection Guide!


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