In-Flight Assistant (Android): V-Speed Update (1.3) is out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!

@Shaun wow someone who actually enjoyes my voice 😱😱
The shake does take time to acustom but the amount of shake currently is realistic, but we always try and make the app as user friendly as possible so… Maybe we can see about the extra setting for sure

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I don’t fly without IFA. Makes everything 10x better and more realistic.


I also love the shaking, makes it feel more “real”. When IFA is off for whatever reason, and the shaking is not there, I feel like something is off or wrong lol


@Skyler.Cooper oh it’s your voice! Cool, yeah man finally an accent that suites my British Airways flights, you’ll be my co pilot from now on for sure! 😄 As for the shaking effect I guess a setting for sensitivity could be a good option, I find it to disorientate me personally a little, but I only flew with it once so far so like I said might just have to get used to it.

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Now I would love to get IF-A, but like most people have mentioned it does take a toll on allowance/wage or whatever…anyway I still think all the features takes IF to a whole new step of realism but at the same time I also understand the developers of this app need money to support themselves and their friends IRL. Nothing personal here.

Asks for IF-A, gets denied. “It’s a waste of money!” reports family member.

Again, nothing negative or personal here…

So what’s your point?


Whether or not you’d like to buy the app is up to you.

Good question. I’m clueless in why I said that.

But I think I was trying to say you either get it or you don’t…it’s a matter of if you can afford it or not…

but like you said, it’s completely up to the customer

The camera shake for some reason is not present. I bought the app but every time I land or takeoff i don’t experience the camera shake.

When you takeoff do you experiance the camera shake.

Nope none at all

And did you update the app and turn the camera shake on

Let me check

The version for iOS should be 1.070 right?
If so I am on that version but I can’t locate where the camera shake option is.

Two questions:

Did you turn it on?


Did you switch to one of the captain camera views?



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Are you in the wrong topic?

For the iOS version see this topic.

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Hey everyone - I’ve been traveling this past week so just now am catching up to my emails and messages. 90% of them have been about disconnection issues.

I’ve updated the Android connection guide slightly (thanks to research by @Jan and @Jeno_Farkas) :

If you are having issues with the app disconnecting under Android, please read the guide - you need to add both IF-Assistant AND Infinite Flight as “unmonitored apps” so that Android doesn’t shut down the background services.


OK doing a first with this next release: a limited-time public beta! Share this link freely on social media if you’d like! You can take part in the beta even if you’ve never purchased In-Flight Assistant before! Note that Google Play betas still require a purchase of In-Flight Assistant to take part in - nothing I can do to change that.

Things to test for this update:

  • v-speeds - enter a flight, set up your weight and flaps, then go into IF-A and tap “autofill”. It should fill in automatically calculated v-speeds.
    • Please let me know if any of the speeds are off
  • Fixed some RAAS warnings not coming for C208.

Report any issues here, please! Enjoy!


Great job my friend. I sadly do not have android, but awesome!

Then you may be interested in this…

I know, just wanted to drop by and say good job.

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