In-Flight Assistant (Android): V-Speed Update (1.3) is out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!

…that said, I personally still hope to find a way to make it work at some point!


Better work on IF-Operations…


Looking good @epaga!


That would be awesome!

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@epaga thanks for the upgrade, the grounding and takeoff is incredible, I was looking forward to this, now to wait for new features


When you start talking to yourself while playing the game.


Hi, the app seems to cut out half way through flight (xperia xz2), thanks Phil.

I got a mic.

Take a look at this:

Measures taken by Android to reduce apps operating in the background are getting more and more drastic.

Making sure that both IF-A and IF aren’t affected by those measures is absolutely crucial.

All good thanks, another question, once I’ve done my flight I taxi to gate, switch off everything, is there a way to pishback again on the same game or will i need to restart the app?

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The app will reset when the engines have been turned off at the gate, so as long as you do that between different legs of your flight, you don’t have to do anything else to keep the app working.

At least it should.
I’m not sure it’s in the Android version yet though.

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Maybe some time in future but we have enough for now

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I was kidding. Don’t worry.

I just used if assistant for the first time in months! It is amazing but the intensity of the shaking is a little high.

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@epaga I find the shaking to be a bit too much, do others agree? If it was more smooth it would be better I think, atm it’s quite distracting to me personally.

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I agree with you, it is a great addition and adds a lot of realism, but it makes me lose control, maybe I do not get used to it yet

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Just a couple of questions. How does the co pilot know when to call out V1, V2, Rotate as these depend on load, aircraft, runway length and more. Also, is there only one default passenger announcement or multiple ones to choose from?

These are all settings you can change.


Hmmm…could consider making it a bit less, but personally then I found it too soft. :) Maybe I should make it a setting.

There are two separate voices to choose from, but they both say the same things.


@epaga maybe you’re right. Don’t make an extra setting if others don’t think the same… maybe I just need to get used to it! Great work btw, enjoying the new Scott voice on British Airways flights 😄