In-Flight Assistant (Android): V-Speed Update (1.3) is out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!

I’m expecting roughly around the time it’s finished.


is voice command and step climb added to android version…?

Not yet. The big thing I’m adding this time is Shaky Cam and the two new voices.

oops… :( :( :( :( :(

Yep! Wish it would all go instantly, but it’s a lot of work (plus extra headaches because Android). Plus, I have loads of people on my case to get IF-O out for Android as well.

So I’m just doing my thing at my own pace and hoping you all can stay patient for which ever “thing” you’re waiting for from me. 😀

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thanks @epaga I was eager for camera movement, we will wait for the new features.

But if I am flying a light plane,the v1 and v2 will not correct.Neither do the heavy plane

What do you mean?

The V Speeds need to be set manually in the settings.

But if I am a new here,I can’t know it

just play around with the app and you will find out stuff, if you click on the different settings it gives you extra info

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@epaga What happened with the application? is not yet to update?

Still in beta.

Again, when there’s any news, it will be posted here.

Epaga’s time, and mine as well, is better spent on the app, than answering the same question over and over again.


Okay thanks

The update is rolling out as I type this!!! Yay! 🥳🎊🍾

Big thanks to @Jan, @Jeno_Farkas, @Skyler.Cooper , and @MishaCamp for their beta testing and/or voice talents that helped.

Let me know how the update goes for you or if you run into any problems - and please, if it goes well, post a rating or review on the Play Store!

Here’s my current rating average - it’d be wonderful to see this average go up! 😀


Got the update.

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Its a pleasure to help and provide so called “voice talents”


This is honestly the best purchase to go along with IF… I just bought it last week and I’m already in love with it, it makes it so real!!

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When will there be voice commands on Android?

The shaky cam really “rocks”.
First takeoff, I thought “What the hell …”.
Very great.

Works flawless on my S9+.


Due to the hugh differences between iOS and Android in terms of speech, that feature might never make it to the Android version.