In-Flight Assistant (Android): V-Speed Update (1.3) is out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!

Found the fix.

On the screenshot I sent earlier, the Auto-launch must be enabled as well, correlating to this:

  • Phone settings > Battery > App launch and then set your app to “Manage manually” and make sure everything is turned on.

Thanks for the assistance,


Oops. Tried in a long run. The issue persists :(

I’ll look into that, Jan.

how is the android application going? I would like to have your apk, eh decided that until I update not going to do my subcription, thanks to your products it does not become so boring @epaga

Still in beta.
@epaga is making progress!

It’s fun!
You will love it.


it does a great job without its applications the realism would not be anything, I am anxious to receive it, I know that some day we will be the same as ios

It works great for me. Using it on a Samsung Tab S4. I purchased all the in-app purchases, they all work flawlessly!


Which one is your voice? Is it the one that calls me an idiot everytime I go above 30 knots ground speed? Lol


It isnt on it yet. its coming in the update and that is Mark Denton Aka SkyHawk Heavy

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@Scott_Ellis_Paddon has a Scottish accent, so no matter what he says you won’t be able to understand.
He hasn’t called me an idiot yet during tests, but could be the case that he did but I didn’t understand… 😂

Only joking…

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oy oy now now. hahaha as a scotsman you would know if i was mad at you


Haven’t done anything really st*pid yet, but it’s in my future plans. Let’s see how your co-pilot-self react.

I wish we could get you set to say GPSW warnings as well. Don’t sink, pull up, terrain, bank angle. You know… 😂

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Maybe in some dream land John could add community voices for that stuff too or the PA system too

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Nothing is impossible.

However, we might need to move over to iOS… 😂 😂 😂

Right, @epaga? 😂


@epaga I would like to know how the application is going ??? There will be update soon ???

Still work in progress after a setback.

As soon as there’s new information it will be posted here.

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This app really does add realism for a realistic and enjoyable experience, great work and I’m very excited for the future of this app and as well as Infinite Flight.

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Okay thanks

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@epaga Just landed after a 2 hours flight from EDDT to LIRF.
-> (Nearly) Nothing beats the Passenger applause after the landing. Thxs.


Made good progress the last couple days updating everything to the latest Android SDK (major headaches with Android notwithstanding).

Here are the changes of the upcoming version:


  • Updated to new Android SDK
  • Two new voices: Misha and Scott
  • Shaky Cam - if activated, the virtual cockpit camera will shake slightly during takeoff and landing
  • New “28°” flaps callouts
  • New “100 knots” callout option

Passenger Announcements

  • New “Pushback First” option: If activated, the “First Welcome” will trigger once you turn on your seatbelt signs. If not, the “First Welcome” will trigger if your engines are on.
  • Changing the PA voice will trigger the PA voice saying “Flight attendants, prepare for takeoff” (instead of the co-pilot voice)

When will this update be phblished?