In-Flight Assistant (Android): V-Speed Update (1.3) is out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!

My velvety sensual tones couldn’t be replicated by a sample. Pah


I would rather hear Darth Vader say “the Force is strong with that one” !!!



“Check” …Mate😎


How far is Android update ?? Im super excited. Also have a good Christmas and New Year @epaga, @Jan

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What about a space shuttle status alarm? Butter alarm?
No, in all seriousness, why not a tailstrike warning? Or just 3 seconds before tailstrike, an alarm. What do you think?

It is currently a bit on the back burner again while I am working on a new app. Sadly can’t do everything…but shaky cam and new copilots and bug fixes are coming w the next update!


Sounds fascinating. Can wait to see the product. That would be amazing for us to use at IFAE & GAF so would definitely give it a try

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I wish you can add boarding and landing music of each specific airline livery in IF to the next update.

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Infinite flight passengers is a great app for this :)
There’s a download link to the app.

Sorry, but those are under those airlines’ copyright, so it would be unethical to make them part of my app.


But an elevator music, while taxing, would be a cool feature.

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That’s true! Could look into finding some royalty-free elevator music, it’d be nice I bet.


I always have the safety briefing playing during taxi and it usually doesn’t get to finish. 😉

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Please add “all ground staff please deplane” announcement in the next update.

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Will vnav and voice control come to android?

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Flight Alerts NAV: hope so! 🤞
Voice Commands: unsure at the noment


I bought today, with the PA IAP.

GREAT work, well done! It really does improve the realism. I did a 6hr flight from EHAM - OMDB on Android Honor 9, and the app stayed connected and worked the whole time.

BUT!! Sometimes there were some bugs, for example, reaching cruising altitude (FL360), the PA was supposed to say that refreshments will be served, but it just repeated that passengers can now move around the cabin (after already saying it at FL200, the setting I set).

Also, on landing at around 2000ft AGL, the PA repeated the descent message after already doing it at FL280. At 2000ft AGL it was set to prepare for landing.

The co-pilot on final did not say flaps 25-30 degrees on Boeing 777-300ER. It did say the other flaps settings though. Also on final, the co-pilot did not say Gear down, and it did not say flaps up when I put the flaps to 0. I thought the app had disconnected, but it was indeed connected, as it did say spoilers retracted correctly, and the PA played the arrival announcement.

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Continuing from my comment above, after further investigation, I’m having all sorts of issues now. On Airbus 319, the only time the co-pilot speaks is literally for Flaps 2, spoilers retracted and nothing else. No V1, Vr, V2, no other flaps settings, no gear up, no spoilers extended. And the PA is mixing up what it is supposed to be saying. This is so weird, it was working absolutely fine for a short flight this morning and 90% of a long flight later.

Any help, please?

It is possible your device is causing resets because of battery saving mode. Check out this android connection guide I made: @AirMajjistral