In-Flight Assistant (Android): V-Speed Update (1.3) is out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!

Cheers for that… I have put IF and IF-A in the “unmonitored” apps and will try this out now… hopefully this works 👍👍


I would personally let Infinite Flight monitored by the system. This will prevent it to get stuck running in the background after you finished your flight and quit the app. If you put it into the Unmonitored Apps list, IF will be kept running in the background even after you quit it, so you have to manually remove it from the task manager.

Now, for IF-A, I would keep it in the Unmonitored Apps list to prevent the system shutting it down mid-flight.

This solution worked fine for me, although I’m on a Huawei device, but the concept and issue is similar. (Not taking into account that the battery management on Huawei decices is far more aggressive than on Samsung devices.)

After you end your flight and quit IF using the above method will result in IF being cleared from the RAM and it will get restarted next time you start it. (main loading screen)
For IF-A, you still need to manually remove it from the background, and also restart it, ideally before every flight.

This is not an issue with IF-A itself.

IF-A is a companion app and due to its nature, it has to be run in the background without limitations to work properly.
Android will try to free up all the resources to maintain performance required for IF, so it will close background apps as well if necessary.
By preventing the system to do this to IF-A, both IF and IF-A could work together without having any impact in the overall performance.


Just turning off the battery monitoring system might have just done the trick… just did a quick solo flight from and to Edwards in a 737 and I got all the call outs from the co pilot and the flight attendant for the first time 😁 I’ll keep you guys posted but thank you for all the help @Jan and @epaga and @The_Wolf I hope I can finally put this issue to bed…😊


my tablet does not have that. But I believe stuff like that turns itself off when you charge it

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“Shield Power Control” menu perhaps?

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Also, I remember @Bob_Robert also had a Shield and had no problems with the app shutting down mid-flight - right? Any tips what settings might be causing these issues?

Right, but my Shield has retired.

Waiting for the update!

OK, just clicked the button and it is rolling out!!!

The RAAS Update (version 1.1) of In-Flight Assistant has rolled out! Let me know how you like it and please post a Play Store review if you like it! 😜

P.S. Huge thanks especially to @Jan throughout development but also to @The_Wolf for their testing help, you guys were extremely helpful.

P.P.S. Here are the release notes:

A new update with a whole new module of callouts: the RAAS (Runway Awareness and Advisory System). Includes the following alerts:

  • Announces the runway you are about to enter (and/or are on)
  • Warns “LONG LANDING” if your landing point is too far down the runway
  • Warns if you’re about to take off with your flaps still retracted (“FLAPS”)
  • Warns if your approach is “TOO HIGH”, “TOO FAST”, or "UNSTABLE"
  • …and more!

Doing an android giveaway for IPP members who are interested in trying IF-Assistant. Saturday, October 20th. 5 new lucky members will be able to purchase your app! I may expand this google play credit giveaway in the future :). Thank you for your hard work, @epaga.

Thought this was kind of funny that a lot of people think it is the same as "IF Passengers’

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Thank you! I waited for this update so much! Keep going like that! 👍

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Hi @epaga! Thanks for the RAAS update for android! Just updated to the latest and couldn’t find the cam shake feature on landing like the IOS counterpart. Is this something you are planning to add to the android version too?
Thanks in advanced!

So, Shaky Cam will come as well. 😉

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Great! Thanks Jan! For some reason I thought it was coming in this update!..nevermind, I’ll patiently wait ;)


Next update will be the altitude chime (included with GPWS) - a nice chime when you reach 1000 feet from your target autopilot distance.

But yeah shaky cam will come as well! :)


Great to hear @epaga! Nice development you have going there with IF Assistant. Keep up your feedback attitude too, I am amazed how quick you respond to your customers! Well done!

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@epaga I have some problem with your app, every time I use it, it connects, then it disconnects by himself

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Try these tips: In-Flight Assistant v1.1 (Android) - RAAS Update is OUT!!! Get it now!

Are you able to add certain callouts for specific aircraft?

Able, yes. Like which ones?

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