In-Flight Assistant (Android): V-Speed Update (1.3) is out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!

I haven’t encountered anything like it.
Do you have a specific flight plan?
Which device are you using?
Any other info that might help?

Happens on any route
Using OnePlus 6, but I have the same issue with my tablet Huawei Mediapad M5…

I’ll try to replicate the issue tomorrow and will let you know.

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I just finished a one hour flight on my S8+.
I wasn’t able to replicate any issues.
GPWS and PA all worked fine.

IF wasn’t interrupted by calls or anything.
There were only a couple of WhatsApp notifications.
I didn’t switch apps either.
The screen was on the entire time.

Do you switch apps a lot during a flight?

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Do you have your device totally updated? There was one guy I was in contact with who had this issue, then updated his device to the latest version and things started working…
Something seems to be shutting down background apps on your device(s) so the main thing is to try and figure out what that might be…

Otherwise, Jan’s questions are also really helpful to pinpoint what’s going on. Do you get phone calls coming in a lot? Do you switch apps, etc.?

In other news, I’m putting in a bunch of hours today on getting RAAS working for Android! We’ll see how far I get! 😜 If you feel like watching me program, just for fun I’ll be trying out live-streaming myself coding on Instagram -> Edit: All done, thanks to the few of you bored enough to watch me. 😀


This is confusing…what is this guy warning you about?


Ah, gotcha. I made an edit that it’s over since the live-stream is done now (though as far as I understand, you can still watch it for 24 hours or something? I am SO not an instagrammer…still learning as I go).

I did a live-stream for about an hour or so, a few people were bored enough to watch some coding and joined in, it was fun. Sorry if you thought this was promoting anything other than…the very topic of this thread.


Sooo confused, man.

Just to be clear we’re on the same page here: this is the thread of the add-on app “In-Flight Assistant” which adds a soundscape to Infinite Flight. I am not affiliated with Infinite Flight.

I am currently working on an update to the Android version of In-Flight Assistant which will add somewhere around 15 RAAS callouts to the app - this was one of the most popular add-ons I’ve added to iOS, and Android people have been bugging me for months to add it.

Using this thread, I’m keeping everybody up-to-date on how far I am with development. This includes things like screenshots of upcoming developments, maybe a YouTube video here and there, as well as today (purely as an experiment) an Instagram live session.

Hope this clears things up - feel free to DM me (or the IFC admins) if you have any further concerns.


Hi @epaga
Tried yesterday a couple of routes, switching off all other apps and making sure that your app and IF are not switched off automatically in the setting I have.
After 10min of flying, again, only pilots callout triggers. Which I find odd as if it would be a problematic of my device switching off background apps, wouldn’t it affect the whole app…?
For information, I never switch app during flight.

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I’m noticing the same thing. During flight, it’s keeps saying “ready when u are captain” which us telling nr the app keeps closing in the background. No idea why? But…hopefully it gets better. This is a must have add on.

Very, very strange stuff. @LaDrilhz - are you hearing “ready when you are captain” mid-flight as well? Have you tried “BANK ANGLE” (make a really sharp turn)? If you have GPWS unlocked and you’re hearing co-pilot callouts, I know zero reasons why BANK ANGLE for example shouldn’t be coming.

This is an issue that I’d estimate around 3-5% of users have, and I have still never seen it happen myself (nor have any of the beta testers, not even @Jan even though he usually finds ALL the bugs 😜).

The following things have helped a few of these users and they let me know it started working after that (though I know you’ve both tried most of these):

  • Turn off battery saving mode and/or any “performance enhancing” apps since they shut down background apps
  • Get the latest Android updates installed
  • Turn down the IF graphics level a notch - perhaps your device just can’t handle both apps
  • Turn ON IF’s frame rate limit if it’s off

Otherwise I wish I could figure out what is going on… if any of you are coming to the Cosford expo, I could debug the issue there, I suppose, haha…

You’re flying to the Expo ?

It’s expensive… Original game is cheaper than this program. And you will get 5-6 euros from all users who has this program…

Yep I am! Got my suitcase right here, in fact. 😀


Indeed I’m hearing the “Hello Captain” midflight, once this has been triggered, callouts such as bank angle are off…

Everything you suggest have been tested already… Do not help :(
And having the latest OnePlus, I doubt it cannot handle both apps at the same time, especially as I input in the settings not to turn off you app specifically.

Will not be at the expo but would really be eager to help you understand where this issue comes from as I really want to be able to use what I paid for :)

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I had an absolutely AWESOME time at the Cosford expo meeting everybody.

To celebrate and say thanks to the community, I’ve set all prices for In-Flight Assistant, both iOS and Android as well as each in-app to 40% OFF. This will be until the end of Monday (i.e. tomorrow). Spread the news far and wide!

So if you were ever on the fence for getting the app or its add-ons because of the price, now’s your chance! I don’t do sales often. 😜

By the way on the Android front, I’m about 80% done with implementing RAAS! It’ll be coming soon hopefully (after a good round of testing)!


Nice to hear. Beyond counter ?😀
Waiting for RAAS…

Cant wait for RAAS! I’ll pass this onto some friends as well!

I’m working on it! 😀

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