In-Flight Assistant (Android): V-Speed Update (1.3) is out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!

Two questions:

Did you turn it on?


Did you switch to one of the captain camera views?



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Are you in the wrong topic?

For the iOS version see this topic.

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Hey everyone - I’ve been traveling this past week so just now am catching up to my emails and messages. 90% of them have been about disconnection issues.

I’ve updated the Android connection guide slightly (thanks to research by @Jan and @Jeno_Farkas) :

If you are having issues with the app disconnecting under Android, please read the guide - you need to add both IF-Assistant AND Infinite Flight as “unmonitored apps” so that Android doesn’t shut down the background services.


OK doing a first with this next release: a limited-time public beta! Share this link freely on social media if you’d like! You can take part in the beta even if you’ve never purchased In-Flight Assistant before! Note that Google Play betas still require a purchase of In-Flight Assistant to take part in - nothing I can do to change that.

Things to test for this update:

  • v-speeds - enter a flight, set up your weight and flaps, then go into IF-A and tap “autofill”. It should fill in automatically calculated v-speeds.
    • Please let me know if any of the speeds are off
  • Fixed some RAAS warnings not coming for C208.

Report any issues here, please! Enjoy!


Great job my friend. I sadly do not have android, but awesome!

Then you may be interested in this…

I know, just wanted to drop by and say good job.

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SIGNED UP!! updating now :) I love your app, it makes IF so much more realistic and it’s awesome you are still working to make it even better :)

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Thanks! Sadly my average Play Store rating has gone down since the last update since Android 9.0 kills background apps by default. People think it’s my app’s fault. So again: ratings & reviews are MUCH appreciated if you haven’t yet! hint hint 🥺

I’ll do one now ;)

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Right on it, cheers! :)

Edit: Just checked my rating input, it was already on 5 stars :D

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Hi John, heres my first report:

CaptJ#01 09/05/19


Device details

Brand: Xiaomi, model: Mi Max 2
Android ver. 7.1.1 NMF26F
CPU: Octa-core Max 2.00GHZ
RAM: 4.00GB
Internal storage: 17.52GB available, 64GB total.



Hi, just tested this amazing app and it works perfectly, many thanks.

Device details

Brand: Sony Xperia XZ2
Android ver: 9
CPU: Octa-core(4×2.7 Ghz Kyro 835 Gold & 4×1.7 Ghz Kyro 385 Silver)
RAM: 4.00/6.00GB
Internal storage: 35.82GB available, 64GB total.


I can not find the beta on my galaxy s9+

Delet and Re-Install. -> works on my S9+


I just signed up to a tester, tonight I’ll download the right version to my tablet which I use for IFA


Works perfect under Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and S9+.

Any news about In-Flight Operations for Android ?


No news other than that I’ve started and it’s still in my plan. Just wanted to release this feature first.

BTW thanks for your feedback so far on the beta, guys! Still a couple things to do before I release, but the v-speeds for especially the most flown aircraft seem to be working great on iOS - planning on copying that over and getting an Android beta update out soon.

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Not sure where to post a big found. After using it twice with the an inflight quit of IF due to other needs, it no longer is syncing with IF. I hard stopped the app in the background and reloaded and it worked again. Just a heads up.

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Hi. I use In-Flight Assistant on my Sony Xperia XZ 1 compact (Android 9.0). I was able to solve the problem that the app In-Flight Assistant closes automatically in the background. But I have one problem. When I open the Assistant, it says “Hey there Captain, ready when you are!”. That is normal and after that, the app keeps working in the background. But often when I’m on the ground it keeps saying “Hey there…”. The greeting gets repeated around every 10 seconds. The app don’t diconnects during that, so all the functions are working. But it is really annoying if the app keeps greeting me. Is there a way to solve this problem or to turn the greeting off?