In-Flight Assistant (Android): V-Speed Update (1.3) is out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!

Hello @Flight813 and @ALCO ,

Thank you for contacting In-Flight Assistant for android support!

I am one of @epaga’s beta testers and I have looked into this matter for you.

I have added both of you to this post so you can both test these steps!

I can confirm that In-Flight Assistant works absolutely fine without any issues on my end.

I have the same version of the app anyone can download from the Play Store with all the add-ons purchased.

My testing environment:

Huawei Mate 20 Pro
Android (with January 2019 security patch)

There are known issues with android itself, but it’s more related to manufacturers who are known to have aggressive background application management in their version of android.
One of them is Huawei. It seems now Samsung needs the same workaround as well!
This issue has nothing to do with In-flight Assistant as far as we know!

Solution or ‘What you need to do’ :

I have checked it for you with an over 6 minutes flight and I have received the relevant callouts during the whole flight and experienced no disconnections after following the above steps.

The menu system in the Settings on Samsung devices could be slightly different, but you have the option to search in the menu using the search field located in the top of the Settings menu.

This App Launch setting has to be done every time you uninstall and reinstall IFA. If you don’t uninstall it, as far as I know, you don’t have to do these steps, not even after an app or android system update. It is wise to check the App Launch settings though every now and then to make sure IFA is still allowed to run in the background!

Please report back at your earliest convenience if this solution worked for you!

Good evening,

No joy on my end with the Samsung settings…still the same issue…Works for about 15 seconds, then disconnects. I removed the app and reinstalled it…same issue (One time IFA came on mid-flight with the call-outs from the ground/flaps; yes weird; then disconnected…)Here are the screen shots for the Samsung S9+ Android…Software Update was made to phone Feb 18 2019 on Android v9.

20190224_182406 Screenshot_20190224-181248_Settings


So Background Activity for IF-A has been turned on in the settings, but it doesn’t actually seem to be working. 🤔

Shame @Jeno_Farkas’s tips didn’t apply to Samsung as well.

Unfortunately I can’t test Android 9 at the moment.

I use two devices to test the app.

  • S8+
  • Tab S3

My S8+ is supposed to be getting the Android 9 update soon. “Starting February” is all I could find, so no exact date.

The Android 9 update for the Tab S3 is supposed to be planned for August 2019. So that will take another six months.

We, @epaga, @Jeno_Farkas and I, will try our best to help though.

Are there any other (hidden) settings that you can find that have to do with background activity?
We have to find a way to keep Android 9 from killing background apps.

Could you see what’s under “Optimize battery usage”?
That is something that should be prevented.
Can it be turned off?

Well, it seems your settings menu is different so I’ve Google it.

What you are looking for is Settings > Device maintenance > Battery.

Based on your screenshots, it seems to be renamed to Device Care.

There is a list under this option.
One meant to say Always sleeping apps, the other one meant to say Unmonitored apps.

What you need to do is to have IFA in the Unmonitored apps section! This prevents the system to close IFA when it’s not in the foreground (as IF runs on the screen).

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Hey everyone - sorry, I was gone this past weekend on a trip so only now am seeing this thread - thanks so much (as usual) @Jan and @Jeno_Farkas for being so helpful!!

In addition to their tips and the Android guide, I’d also recommend this web site:

Android unfortunately causes lots of headaches for apps that are intended to run in the background.

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Let’s try to figure out what’s going on.

Were you able to go to Settings, Device Maintenance (or Device Care), Battery and scroll all the way down to Unmonitored Apps?

The fact that one of your screenshots is showing the app list under Battery, which has IF-A on it, means that the app has NOT been added to Unmonitored Apps!!

When you add IF-A to Unmonitored Apps, all should be fine!

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@epaga would like to know if it opens android update next, is the apk that gives more brightness to IF flight and is quite outdated

I guess you haven’t been on the forum long enough to know that questions like these are totally useless.

When will work start on an update?

When the developer chooses to.

When will it be available?

When it’s ready!

Just be patient! 😉

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your esque tarot or something …? I ask to know if there is any news or if you are working on it.

As soon as there’s any news, it will be posted here.

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@Flight813 @ALCO did Jan’s and Jeno’s tips about the battery help you with your issue?

no news

since the last update the program kills the processes in the background, even though removing them happens the same

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, No it did not work for me; the IFA still stops working about 15 seconds of start-up (unless) i hit a IFA call-out button within the 15 seconds of the last one. Also, SOMETIMES it comes back on during mid-flight and disconnects again…but no there is NO resolution on my end.

Did you add IF-A to Unmonitored Apps?

Please post a screenshot of the list of Unmonitored Apps so that we can confirm you actually added IF-A to it.

It looks like this:

If you didn’t follow the steps supplied earlier, it will not work.
Help us help you by following the steps. Otherwise you make it impossible for us to help you.

everything has changed with the new update of android, I have already done all that and it still does not work

Did you add IF-A to Unmonitored Apps?

Please post a screenshot of the list of Unmonitored Apps so that we can confirm you actually added IF-A to it.

It looks like this:

If you didn’t follow the steps supplied earlier, it will not work.
Help us help you by following the steps. Otherwise you make it impossible for us to help you.

Hi Jan, I am not sure about the other folks, but there is no such thing as "Unmonitored Apps from Samsung phones S9+ to be exact. I followed the directions as listed until the portion which mentioned “Unmonitored Apps”. There was a BIG Update two weeks ago from Samsung…I am not sure if what you are asking still exist after the update. I did upload my screen shot…It seems that the issue is not going away with IFA, just not working for my phone in particular…

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The Pie update for my S8+ arrived, so I was able to test things.

"Unmonitored Apps" has been replaced by “Apps not optimised”.

I was able to confirm that there is a disconnect isssue when IF-A is being “optimised”, in the exact same way as before, when the app was “monitored”.

More importantly I was able to confirm that the following solution resolves the issue.

Go to:

Settings -> Apps -> Menu (top right) -> Special access -> Optimise battery usage.
Select “All” instead of “Apps not optimised”, scroll down, find IFAssistant and uncheck it (turn it off).

It will now have been added to “Apps not optimised” and will NOT stop working anymore.


So,this is a good app for infinite flight,both my friends and I are using it ,I wish this app will be more truly than before.And what is this ones differences between infinite passanger?

attached photo, in case you do not know where is in the new update of android 9, for unmonitored apk