In-Flight Assistant (Android): V-Speed Update (1.3) is out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!

I am experiencing problems with the app. It disconnect and start from “ready when you are”. This is happening many times specially on long flight.

What device are you using?

Samsung S8.

Try disabling the battery saving mode for IF Assistant on your device - you can find instructions for most devices linked in this post.

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I’ve compiled the battery settings for the different Android versions so far into a handy Android connection guide. Check it out.

Also, I’ve finished the Callouts Guide which specifies exactly when which callout is made. Check it out if you’re wondering why you might not be hearing certain callouts.

(And brace for impact for a Black Friday deal, tomorrow only!)


I’ve decided to do a Black Friday sale tomorrow! Both core apps In-Flight Assistant (iOS and Android) and In-Flight Instruments(iOS) FOR FREE, all in-apps at 20% off!

November 23 only!!!


This is the first time In-Flight Assistant has ever been available for free - you might call it the “Pls Make Free” sale. Grab it, if you haven’t yet, and tell all your friends! 😀


Already bought everything otherwise I would

I’ll make sure to get it!

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Ok I’m getting IFA and all the addons tomorrow, pronto.


I just bought it yesterday for full price. Dang.

4.99€ on Android?

That’s really cool! I never got it because I’m cheep, but I will for sure download it! Who knows, maybe I’ll really like it and make some In App Purchases to take the realism to the next level.

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You can ask for a money refund, more details on Google. You’ve got up to 14 days.

You will love it !
I don’t fly without it.

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When will it be free on iOS?

This thread is for Android, take a look here: It will be free and 20% off for addon on November 23!

It should be free RIGHT NOW on iOS and Android for the rest of the day!

Could everyone who enjoys In-Flight Assistant and hasn’t done so yet please write a short App or Play Store review? Those are extremely helpful. Thanks so much everyone!


Just got it and bought 2 of the packages. Very excited and it has worked well so far on my Note 8. The only thing I would recommend is maybe adding a small sound bite of a person when selecting their voice as Its nice to figure out how the different ones sound.

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Now with IF Passengers out of the way, I pray the Android version catches up to the iOS version soon. Would be nice to have all the features of the app that are/have been available for Apple users for quite sometime now. VNAV would be a great feature to have considering all the long hauls I do.


Just tried your core package… for some reason after l checked the IF connect box on the main settings page it crashed both apps when l opened the IF app …kept trying and is seems to be all right most of the time now…also l do not need any aerial speed warnings for a fighter !