In-Flight Assistant (Android): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


@Lobsang as you are on the S8, try out @Jan’s suggestion which can be found here:

In-Flight Assistant (Android): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


I’ve been getting some “on taxiway” alerts as I’m nearing VR. Anyone else experiencing this?


Yes, the issue was first reported by myself. There is no known fix for this at this time.


Maybe I didn’t scroll up high enough. Copy that!


Just realized this was the Android thread.


Welcome to the heavenly side of phones


I like the new RAAS system works amazingly very helpful, could I make a suggestion of something to maybe add in the future, maybe like an on screen pop up of a announcement panal or sound panal like the pilot call back chime or the flight attendent assistance chime and then to be able to announce turbulance and to put on your seat belt or to announce an emergency landing and brace or something like we will be rerouting do to weather would be cool to have a little tool like that, all and all the app is awesome


I have the same


For the Passanger applauded, at first I believed it was my gear that burst


a question for me you could put the landing voices as they are in Europe for iberia just listen to the takeoffs and another option is in the air listen to passengers and some more dialogue for those liveries


Well, if you know of any publicly available and non-copyrighted(!) sources for that kind of audio, that’d be great.

Airline-specific landing announcements, boarding music, and safety briefings (like ones from YouTube videos, let’s say) are 100% copyrighted by the airlines. It’d be unethical (and at least where I live, illegal!) for me to add those and sell those in my app.


I understand your part, I’ve seen that some Spanish-speaking ATC speak in Spanish it might be possible to put them or even some way to answer the co-pilot check as they do and some dialogue but the pilot itself I have all the packages purchased but I do something I cut the sounds and if it could be something a little more volume, I’m heard quite low


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I have a proposal: it could be that a pop-up window on the screen of the dialogs of infinite assistant that you can press to remove that information would be easier to know what happens when you speak, sometimes simply with the voice is difficult to hear the voices


I am having many connectivity problems, I put the application as usual and it does not do its function many times neither v1 v2 nor remove belts