In-Flight Assistant (Android): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


Okay. Maybe it’s disabled?
If not, I don’t know.


Could you send a screenshot of your PA settings page? @Finnairer


@epaga On my Android device after a while it is no longer heard, I have to re-enter the application to work again, it takes a bit more optimization. In iOS everything is perfect.



Spoilers armed has never worked. It’s not in the API.

I so hope it will be added soon! I really miss it.


Ah I see. Well, the only other thing iv noticed is that when taking off some runways have the yellow taxi lines that go into the runway and RAAS calls “caution taxiway” falsly on takeoff because of that.

Only runways were the yellow taxi lines actually lead into the runway is this evident (often the taxi lines lead into intersection points as well, causing the false alarm on mid takoff)


I’ve not encountered this.
I almost always use runways that have taxi lines on them.

Does it only happen on Expert?


I use the Expert server exclusively.

Ok. So with that said. Now I know we have an issue. Let’s solve it. I have assumed it was do to the coding being somehow associated with the yellow taxi lines, that doesn’t however seem to be the case with regard to your post. If your not having this issue then its somthing deeper, I enter the runway, make a perfect “dead-nutz” center takoff and the callout for RAAS says “caution taxiway”


Let’s take this to PM and try to solve this!


I’ve had this happen as well, but I believe it is caused by taxing out or approaching at the far end of runways whose touchdown zone is multiple aircraft lengths ahead of the RSA, Runway Safety Area, the very end of a runway. I have had it happen mid takeoff too but very seldom.


I’m having issues with the sound. When the announcement get played the sound pops. Then again when ATC starts talking. I don’t have any issues with the co pilots voice, that seems to work perfect. It’s only the announcements.


That is very strange, since the method I use to play the copilot is the same as for the announcement. Perhaps your device is a bit strained? Maybe try turning down the IF graphics to low to see if it still happens?

Have your turned off battery saving mode?


So the next update is going to contain two new voices, both from the IFC!

@MishaCamp and @Scott_Ellis_Paddon have both sent me the co-pilot sound samples, so we’re going to have their voices to choose from with the next update. They sound great - @Jan has cleaned up the audio and I just need to get around to integrating the files into the iOS and Android apps! Yay! 😀


I hope with a slight glasgow accent


Depends on your definition of “slight” 😜


None if us have a slight Glasgow lol
Misha is like a posh englishman and i have a twang between english and scottish lol


Nice. Iv been using the voice “Jan” I was using “Mark” but he called me a dumb*** 😥 Me no dumb dumb.


Same i love @Jan’s voice haha


How does it work then. Do they need to read out every single command or is it just a sample then the rest is done automatically? Complete noob here haha


That is correct! 😉