In-Flight Assistant (Android): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


4.99€ on Android?


That’s really cool! I never got it because I’m cheep, but I will for sure download it! Who knows, maybe I’ll really like it and make some In App Purchases to take the realism to the next level.


You can ask for a money refund, more details on Google. You’ve got up to 14 days.


You will love it !
I don’t fly without it.

Is the In-Flight Assistant Black Friday sale starting from 23 Nov 0000Z today?

When will it be free on iOS?


This thread is for Android, take a look here: It will be free and 20% off for addon on November 23!


It should be free RIGHT NOW on iOS and Android for the rest of the day!

Could everyone who enjoys In-Flight Assistant and hasn’t done so yet please write a short App or Play Store review? Those are extremely helpful. Thanks so much everyone!


Just got it and bought 2 of the packages. Very excited and it has worked well so far on my Note 8. The only thing I would recommend is maybe adding a small sound bite of a person when selecting their voice as Its nice to figure out how the different ones sound.


Now with IF Passengers out of the way, I pray the Android version catches up to the iOS version soon. Would be nice to have all the features of the app that are/have been available for Apple users for quite sometime now. VNAV would be a great feature to have considering all the long hauls I do.


Just tried your core package… for some reason after l checked the IF connect box on the main settings page it crashed both apps when l opened the IF app …kept trying and is seems to be all right most of the time now…also l do not need any aerial speed warnings for a fighter !


Let me know if that changes!

You can turn off the warnings but I admit it’d be nice to have presets or something…


I still have about every one out of three times now when IF crashes after I start your app, but l am still on a 32 bit device so maybe that is the reason, should l start your app before or after IF, it has still crashed either way, when l get a 64 bit tablet soon l will probably purchase all your addons, can l just use a charge card or do l have to get a preloaded GPS card !!!


Yeah that’s likely because you have an old device with not enough memory to run both apps, I assume.

It’s just a normal Play Store app & normal add-ons, so whatever Google Play accepts should work fine!

And again, just to keep repeating this so it doesn’t get lost in the long thread:

Android connection issues? Check the Android connection guide

Not getting callouts you’d expect? Check the callouts guide


Planned for the next update (When It’s Done):

  • 2 new co-pilot voices!
  • Porting the iOS shaky cam feature!


Interesting discussion. 😉,


Where did boarding sound dissapear from inflight assistant? I remeber there was flight attendants saying “welcome onboard”


Maybe your PA Announcements are “All disabled ON”


No i can hear all other pa announcements perfectly

Nono45_FR kirjoitti ma 3. jouluk. 2018 klo 23.03:


Maybe your engine are always started when you spawn, inhibiting the message.


I still get the first welcome announcement but i remembee there was just sound where passengers boarded and flight attendants said welcome onboard

Nono45_FR kirjoitti ti 4. jouluk. 2018 klo 7.04: