In-Flight Assistant (Android): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


IF and IF-A have to be installed on the same device.


And open IF-A first then open IF next.


Whats with the strange robot like voice for the RAAS call outs. Have to say I like the old voice better…but still a great app


The RAAS call-outs are spoken in real life not by voice recordings but an automated voice, so for RAAS the app uses your device’s text-to-speech framework to speak the words (unlike the co-pilot or passenger announcements which are voice recordings).

You may be able to install more enhanced, realistic sounding voices, depending on your device. Check your device’s text-to-speech settings…

Hmm…running out of ideas now (and frustrated with Huawei). One person said it started working better for him when he turned down IF’s graphics level to low…you could try that. Anyone else have any ideas?


I’m at low and medium and I don’t have any improvements.


Thank you for the update


@Steven_Citrin Have you managed to fix this? I have an iPad Pro on latest iOS and only starting happening after I installed the latest update! Most of my ATC voices have also disppeared from Infinite Flighy in app.


Yeah I noticed it to after installing the recent update, didnt happen before


Sorry… typo in my comment!! Did you manage to fix it? @Steven_Citrin


Check out the awesome promo video that @Jan made!

I think it’s just incredible - huge thanks to Jan for making this happen.

(By the way, check back to this thread on Black Friday…I may have something to announce. 😉)


I am experiencing problems with the app. It disconnect and start from “ready when you are”. This is happening many times specially on long flight.


What device are you using?


Samsung S8.


Try disabling the battery saving mode for IF Assistant on your device - you can find instructions for most devices linked in this post.


I’ve compiled the battery settings for the different Android versions so far into a handy Android connection guide. Check it out.

Also, I’ve finished the Callouts Guide which specifies exactly when which callout is made. Check it out if you’re wondering why you might not be hearing certain callouts.

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I’ve decided to do a Black Friday sale tomorrow! Both core apps In-Flight Assistant (iOS and Android) and In-Flight Instruments(iOS) FOR FREE, all in-apps at 20% off!

November 23 only!!!

This is the first time In-Flight Assistant has ever been available for free - you might call it the “Pls Make Free” sale. Grab it, if you haven’t yet, and tell all your friends! 😀


Already bought everything otherwise I would


I’ll make sure to get it!


Ok I’m getting IFA and all the addons tomorrow, pronto.


I just bought it yesterday for full price. Dang.