In-Flight Assistant (Android): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


Well, One being Acceleration, in the Q400 which is 1000ft AGL where the flaps can be retracted. It is called out by the copilot, 3000AGL in jets, but I am unsure if it is a callout. Heading select, or LNAV. The Q400 has a lot of callouts while flying for safety.


Hi @Jan & @epaga
Thank you for the various fix you posted recently it helped stabilizing my Huawei tablet and have no more issues and get all the callouts at the right time now.

However, my OnePlus 6 is still an issue.
I was just doing EHAM - LOWI this morning and as usual GPWS and PA callouts weren’t triggered anymore after reaching cruise altitude.
Even weirder, and this may interest you even further! As I was on final approach I started hearing RAAS callouts… Somehow wrongly for exemple I was perfectly lined up to the runway and I had the “Caution taxiway” callout. Then once on the ground the “2000ft callout triggered” (yes LOWI is at 1900ft…but I was on the ground!)…

But the weirdest in this story is that… I DIDN’T BUY THE RAAS PACKAGE!!! 🤣🤔😅

I’m sorry but I’ve tried a lot of things you advised but it never fixed the issue… Here it becomes even funnier… Or not…
Could you have a special check for OnePlus users?
Is anyone using OnePlus device having the same issues as me?


“2000 remaining” is amount of runway left.
LOWI has a field elevation of 1904 ft.
Those are two totally different things. 😉


Ah OK ! So this makes sence then…!
Though I shouldn’t have heard it at all in the first place!


Yep, sorry about this, if your device is unable to check the store for in-app purchases, it will currently think you have the add-on. Treat it like a trial, I guess. ;-)

With the next update (which will include a nice “altitude reached” chime as part of the GPWS add-on) this bug will be fixed.


Major breakthrough for OnePlus users!
After multiple tests, I can affirm that I found the solution so the OS doesn’t kill/refresh your app @epaga.

I’ll post the solution down here if other users of IFAssistant encounters the same problem :

1- disable all kinds of limitations your OS applies to your apps in order to save battery life.
For OnePlus users there are 2 things to do here :
- go to Settings - Battery - Battery Optimisation
Search for IFAssistant app and select “Do not optimise”

- on the same page, tap the 3 dots on the upper right hand corner and click on “advanced optimisations”. Then disable the advanced mode.

Doing this alone may not be enough, as I still encountered issues and non-proper experience with the app.

2 - lock IFAssistant once you’ve launched it.
To do so, follow the exemple below :

I hope it helps some people.
Next step is to try the same methodology without disabling advanced optimization, which I dislike as it applies to all apps.

I’ll edit the post with the results.

Thans again @epaga and btw, this fix stopped the RAAS to trigger… But may convince me to buy it then! ;)

Edit : as long as the app is “locked”, the battery optimisation doesn’t need to be disabled for all apps, just for IFAssistant is enough (I hence blurred the step no longer necessary)


JUST RELEASED: a new update for Android which includes a nice relaxing chime when you near the altitude you set on your autopilot! This will help you notice when you reach TOC etc. during your flight. This chime is included in the GPWS add-on, so if you have that, you’ll get this additional feature for free!

Also, in other news, glad to hear we’re finally starting to find breakthroughs for some of you on Android. Your devices can tend to shut down background apps like IF-A, but fortunately there seem to be ways to stop them from doing that. See

In-Flight Assistant (iOS): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!

Great, I gonna pay the GPWS during November, then RAAS on December.


Hi mate does the GPWS add on for Android come with the function to be able to set altitudes at certain waypoints?


On iOS you can so sure you will be able to you can’t set V/S


That would be a different module, called Flight Alerts.


Oh that is a great addition does it by chance happen 1000FT before? ;)


Ok thanks for that. I’ll probably still get it anyway


Hopefully it will be available soon!


Hopefully. It’s just someone in the VA I’m in has it and it looks really cool. But when I looked I couldn’t see it. I know why now.


That is correct!


Awesome. That is when the Q400 I fly does it too XD


If it becomes available, it will probably look something like this:


Hey @epaga, I purchased your app and it keeps disconnecting.
Power saving off
IF API Service on
Huawei P10 Lite
In-flight assistant as “Manage manually”
What should I do?
Thanks and good day :)


how do u connect it if you have if on iPad and fly with the phone?