In-Flight Assistant (Android): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


Yeah, I uninstalled and reinstalled. Hopefully it’ll work now. Will try in a few. Will let u know if that works.


I have not tried reinstalling, I’m going to do that. Thanks!


Okay so I did the restart/reinstall. And still…nothing. In case I wasn’t clear earlier, I’m referring to the final descent. But HOW does it know when I’m 1500 or 3000ft agl. It only reads MSL. Can maybe @epaga help


Im sorry, I was referring to the “prepare for landing” announcement


Prepare for Landing

Called out when:

• you were above the Prepare for Landing altitude you configured
• your gear is down
• you have descended past the Prepare for Landing altitude
• your descent is greater than 300 fpm


Perfect I’ll make sure all those points are met. Will try again. Thank you
I think the gear down may have been my issue.


Great! (And thanks, @Jan)

BTW that info is from the voice callouts guide I so far only had linked to in the iOS thread. It can be found here:


Hi @epaga
Thanks again for giving us, Android lovers, continuous updates on your great app.

For a couple of months already, I encounter issues when flying with your app in background. For takeoff it works great but it seems to shut down whenever I receive a notification from another app (especially noticed it when Messenger bubble kicks in). Thus, on any flight taking a little while, I need to restart the app to have it for landing. This way it triggers wrong callouts…
Did you have reports of such issues? Maybe some fixes exist that I’m not aware off…


Hi @epega
I retested yesterday, and though I put my OnePlus 6 into game mode, preventing any app to send notification and calls to be dismissed automatically, your app did not trigger any callout once I reached cruising altitude. I had to shut it down manually and restart it… Kinda annoying


That does sound annoying. It could be your device is shutting down background apps because it’s being too taxed with IF? Do you have battery saving mode on? If so, try turning it off. Also you might try turning down IF’s graphics level a notch and see if that helps.

Please let us know if that helps!


HI, I’ve been using IF-A for some time now but i have only had the co-pilot callouts add on. Recently I purchased the GWPS warning which are great. My question is when I setting up the minimums what do I set it at take EGLL for example AGL 83ft. Do I set it for 383AGL if I want my minimum to be 300ft

Also when setting up V2 speed is the VR after the the V2 like this

Or is it



Elevation is always MSL. So is the 83ft at EGLL.
Minimums is AGL, so if 300 ft is what you want, 300 is what should be set.

This is the right order.

The settings order should be changed to reflect that, @epaga.

The values differ per aircraft depending on many circumstances.

Maybe this will help:


One more question I’m getting new ipad pro for IF and my other ipad I want to get infinite flight instruments can I run this on a separate device


Like this? 😉


Yes that’s the one. I’ll be buying infinite flight instruments as soon as I get the 2nd ipad.
Ok thank you for your fast response. Keep up the good work


Hi @epaga
I ran several tests during the past few days.
I did have a setting shutting down automatically apps consuming battery in background. Thus, I deactivated for your app especially.
Though, some problems persist.
I will consistently get the pilot callout throughout the entire flight, however GPWS and PA won’t trigger after I fly a certain amount of time.
I even tried shutting down the “lower battery use for long haul flight” proposed by IF but with no effects.
Do you have any idea why the behaves this way? Tell me if I can assist by trying other scenariis.



Hi @epaga
Did you have the opportunity to get a look at the issues I reported?
Thanks ,


Not showing up alone samsung s8+. This post was published 6 minutes ago. I will check again in a few minutes and tell you if there.


How much time are we taking about? Is it always roughly the same?


I would say if the flight takes longer than 30min