In-Flight Assistant (Android): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


Excellent work love the new PA announcement not play with shakey cam yet hoping to tonight when the kids are in bed 🤞


Just saying, Sean and Stephanie sound exactly the same for flight attendant announcements


Wow. Very good saturday evening news.


Just had another update.


Glad to see the update coming out i love this app. Will you be fixing the flap call out on the DC-10/MD-11 it won’t call out flaps 28 and flaps 50.


Very excited for the Android updates! Thank you.


Good Point, will look into that


Has anyone else noticed that the new Sean voice on ANDROID doesn’t do the final descent announcement at 3000ft agl? Trying to figure if it’s just me. The Steph voice does it but not Sean.


Mine works. Not sure why yours doesnt.


@epaga are you more of an Apple/IOS fan?
Just wondering cuz you have done more work for the IOS version but hardly any for us android lot.
Is Android harder to code?
Not telling you to hurry up or anything like that but im just curios as alot of 3rd party apps seem to focus more on IOS

Let us know😂.

Kind regards,
IFATC George Flack


Really? I’m setting mine up correctly I think. Checking airport altitudes and then I set it to bout 3000ft above that. I can’t figure why. Any ideas for a solution?


I’m unable to replicate it.


@Playr_Mar - no solution from me, sorry.


@Jan replicate what?


If you scroll back John explains that more people download IFA for IOS than Android by quite some number so he makes more money from IOS than android so it’s worth more to him to develop IOS ahead of android and I believe there’s some differences in coding but he’s said he’s working towards bringing both IOS and android versions to be the same


I’m unable to replicate the issue @Playr_Mar is having.

I set “Beginning Descent” to 3000 ft.
Everything works just fine, with the right voice.


Android will come. They released an amazing voice callout free of charge for the passenger’s announcements and that was a good faith gesture.

My opinion: maybe increase the price a bit for RAAS, I’ll pay it and I’m sure others will too. Even if its maybe 9.99 for the RAAS.


In all reality I would pay 20 or 30 for it. It’s a one time purchase and its cost them a lot of time, work, and money to even introduce it.


RAAS for Android is definitely the next thing I’m planning on adding (and I am going to price it the same as the other add-ons). Since In-Flight Assistant continues to be a side project for me, it’s something I need to fit into evenings and weekends (next to being a husband, a dad of four, and my other responsibilities).

So I just have to ask for patience and hope that releasing the new voice for Android shows I haven’t forgotten Android users. :-)


I noticed that too, mine doesn’t woks.