In-Flight Assistant (Android): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


Just downloaded it. Why didn’t I do it sooner!! Brilliant app


I am currently planning on getting Android back up to speed once I get the RAAS update out. 👍🏻


That are really good news. Thxs.


That’s the best news I have gotten all week. I know it’s prob extremely annoying with all of us sounding like a bunch of whiny brats lol I admire your self control in the responses and how you maintain a processional reply every time. I’m sure I speak for others as well for myself we appreciate the quality of work you have provided to make our experience that much better it’s hard not to ask. Thank you for all you do and continue to do. If ever there is anything I can help with or assist to make things easier or less of a workload let me know. Thanks again


@epaga love the latest update with RAAS and also VNAV. Tried it out last night on a long haul flight and only issue I had was that the battery on my iPad (even though on charge during the flight) was used up before I could land! However I think this was in part because I had a few other apps open during the flight ( normally close down all accept IF, IFA and IFP) and also iPad wasn’t at 100% before departure!

Great job!


OK, working on an update for Android!

The next update will include a bunch of bug fixes - I’ve collected some crash logs from Google and have been hunting down any bugs I can find.

But also - this is a bit more fun - I’m going to add a new Passenger Announcements voice - his name is Sean and I really like his voice. I think you will, too.

(As a thank-you for waiting, Android is going to get his voice, first.)

When is the release date?
(Say it with me)

When it’s done.

(After this update I’ll be adding RAAS and some of the other improvements in iOS. I’ll also be looking into Voice Commands, but can’t promise anything yet.)

In-Flight Assistant (iOS): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!

Thats amazing @epaga, cant wait!


Well, you don’t HAVE to.
Luckily you HAVE a choice!
If you’d like to have it though, you do have to, like you have to for everything else in the world.

Is there a point to this post or did you just HAVE to waste your time and that of others?


OK, guys, let’s take a breath. 😬

Sorry to disappoint, but it’s a paid app. I’ve spent many, many hours working on this app and it is a high-quality app, as many can tell you. BTW, just in case there is a misunderstanding (which I’ve seen on the Play Store multiple times): Android IF-A only has 2 in-apps altogether: the GPWS package and the PA package. I am NOT charging $5 for each individual callout.

The app (and each extra module) is easily worth the price of a Starbucks latte grande, considering the level of immersion it adds. Funny I don’t see people telling the Starbucks barista they “wish they didn’t have to pay”.

Now let’s get back on topic, shall we?

This 👇🏻 is far more important. 😜



the App is brilliant !!!

The other way round :
PM me your adress and I will send you a bottle red wine or ein Träger Pilsetten.


I think the voice commands should be improved. I don’t use it anymore in fear of making my airplane stall. I do have a good English accent but it still sometimes doesn’t understand what I’m saying and it changes the altitude when I don’t ask for it to 30000000ft.


Sorry about that. I guess I expressed not liking paying for everything a little too much.


It’s worth every penny/cent!


Yep I would love to. Planning on evaluating a new framework at some point which should hopefully do a better job.

Thanks so much, Mika! :)


Would love to have a go on voice commands. Good luck, I hope you can achieve this in Android. I will buy it.


The Android update is being rolled out as I type this!! This includes a bunch of fixes for potential crashes as well as the new Passenger Announcements voice “Sean”.

For those who want a sneak peek at Sean’s voice (usage rights mine of course):

Hope it works well for everyone - let me know if you run into any issues!


Thank you. That was quick.

Sean is nice, but on the CRJ-Family no Flaps Callout after Flaps 1.?


Sean and Stephanie are the flight attendant voices. You should still be able to choose co-pilot voices like Mark, John, etc., no?

Yep will get to this and other improvements in future updates. Just wanted to get this one out there to show I’m still working on Android. :)


Loving the new high quality voice @epaga!! Better than Stephanie, in terms of quality.


First test
When I select the flight attendant voice, it plays the same voice as my copilot

Update, just took my first flight with the newly updated app. Seems as if problems are solved.
The new voice is AWESOME!!!
Bugs seem to be fixed. Not a single issue to report.
Thank you @epaga for making an awesome api for IF.
As an Android user,its appreciated. And last thing…when do WE get the voice commands. I’ll pay a little extra. No problem. Gotta pay for what u want people.

Half of u aren’t gonna work for free now are you? 😁