In-Flight Assistant and Infinte Passengers


I have a little question. I have already been using infinte passengers for quite a while now, and i really like it. I already bought a lot of airline packs. Now I realised that there is another app, In-Flight Assistant which is also nice and in some parts more detailled than Infinite Passengers, but on other parts, for example different airline safety briefing, Infinite Pax is more detailled. My question is if i can use both Infinite Pax and In-Flight Assistant at the same time?

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Yes you can use both at the same time. I do this often when I remember to use either of them lol


that’s what I always do, once you connected with both of them then no problem at all

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@Allen_Lu @THE-OP okay thanks a lot, i will use both now too!


Yes as IF PAX can connect to the same device, you can use a secondary device to run In Flight Assistant. Both will run smoothly, and give you that extra kick to realism ;)

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