In-flight announcements

Is there a way to make I -flight announcements from captains/crew? Looking for a more realistic experience.

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hi! welcome to the community! I know ur new to the community but if you have any requests, they should be done in the Features category. Happy flying!

Hey and welcome to the community, there is a third-party app that provides the kind of services that you are looking for! It is pay ware but worth it!

The name of the app is INFLIGHT ASSISTANT

Have a look here:

(The app has since then seen multiple updates of course)

Hey welcome to the IFC, so for safety announcements and stuff, there’s an app on the App Store called “Infinite Passengers” here’s the link :

To activate this, go to settings in Infinite Flight, and check the box that says “enable infinite flight connect”
& you will see that the 3rd party app says “connected successfully” once you launch infinite flight and that app on same device and begin the flight !!

Are would recommend infinite flight assistant or Infinite passengers

I think inflight assistant does not have safety announcements do they ?

Yes, they do! They have a cabin crew safety announcement as you taxi to the runway, just like real life!

Ohh yes…but it is a paid app !!

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Yes, it is, worth it in my opinion though, adds a touch of realism.

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