[In Development / Alpha Testing] Official Flight Management Computer Thread


Oh boy. This will take realism to the very next level. Good luck with the development! I’m looking forward to this.


I think there should be an option for a realistic FMC, with the buttons on the side, and with realistic FMC textures.


We appreciate everyone’s feedback. Thanks!


Yes please!!
Can’t sleep while flying currently because of step climbs:(


Yes!! We definitely need a FMC!


My iTunes credit has since been waiting for the release.


That just sounds awesome. Good luck guys!


I have €4.07 euros left, hopefully it’s enough @jakevaz423


Can’t wait to see the finished product!


+1 for this for sure. A true FMC would be great.


Please TRY TO BE GENTLE with AP vertical speed changes-going up abruptly could give you a stall and going down abruptly could give you a violation! I’m hoping also with FMC’s and VNAV apps coming that someone figures out how to do
some fly by wire type stuff!


Hello IFC, today we have a Developer’s Update:

Status: Under Development (Testing some Features)

General Update
During the last month and a half the FlyEasier team has been hard at work developing FMC. We have had many hiccups down the road. It has been hard for us to find time to work on FMC. We have made a lot of progress. We started off slowly, not having much time to work on this, but gradually we were able to put more time in and be more efficient with the time that we did spend. We are proud to present you with the following information:

OS Compatability
At the moment we are on track to release on iOS and Android at the same time. We are not yet sure on if and when the OS X and Windows versions will be released.

We are NOT in Beta testing yet. Please do not ask me to become a beta tester. Some portions of the app are in Alpha testing (testing done by the devs). When the developers are testing the app (may only be one feature or all) we will use the callsign FMC00X* (X being a number). You can track us on liveflightapp.com if you’d like, but we do ask that you do not follow us in flight.

We have made a lot of solid progress over the last month. You can expect a status update on each feature within the next 2 weeks.


congrats on the improvement and can’t wait to use this app


Looking forward to this app. Thanks for the update on the progress ;)


Thanks for the update! Looking forward!


Glad to hear tremendous progress is being made! Excited to see how this turns out! :)


That’s great! I can’t wait to see this released and actually use it!


FlyEasier Development Studios’ 2018 March Madness Contest

Hello all! It’s that time of year again… March Madness! The devs here at FlyEasier Development Studios wanted to spice things up a little, so we decided that we would create a March Madness bracket pool - with a big prize! The winner of the pool will become a beta tester for Flight Management Computer! Good luck!

Important Information:

Join Link: 2018 FMC March Madness Bracket Contest
Password: FMC2018

IMPORTANT: Please make your bracket name your IFC username. If you do not do this, your bracket will be removed from the contest. Thanks!


I don’t even know what NCAA or „March Madness“ is, so I probably won’t have any chance 😅

Great idea though giving people a chance to
Beta test the application.

Good luck to all contestants, and Greetings from Switzerland!


National college athletic association. It’s a big thing in the US.