[In Development / Alpha Testing] Official Flight Management Computer Thread


Of course, it all depends on certain things,

But basic stuff could impmented, like saying “1nm, gear not out, go around” or “1nm, flaps not full, to around.”

Or might work when on approach, and you don’t realize your aircraft is over MLW, could give you an alert for that.


I can’t WAIT for this! image


Second this question-there’s a LOT of IFR SID/STAR/ILS procedures and even enroute waypoints that are missing or off station. To the point of not being able to use flightaware stuff and having to create tons of FPL’s.


Jake will it be able to run alongside other apps that control autopilot etc (a la IFAssistant)


This will be compatible with other apps such as IFInstruments, IFPAX, VirtualHub, LiveFlight, etc. No limitations to the amount of apps you can use.

One of the harder parts will be adding missing waypoints, but I think we can figure that out…


Absolutely would use this!!! Looking forward to it!! Would it do TO and landing performance calculations also?


Yeah I agree I thinks that’s a great idea


Could you update us every month on the app’s progress? (I’m so impatient)


Performance profiles can be a bit difficult, it’s something we will look into.


With the whole converting SimBrief plan to IF, there are other tools that already do that for free, not app based, but free. It’s a website called fpltoif.com.

Will this be more detailed import, like it takes what altitude you should be at, speed you should be at, etc. and auto puts that in with the VNAV?


You nailed it. It will automatically grab altitude and speed profiles, which isn’t supported by Chris’s website.


Okay cool! That’s what I figured, but just wanted to make sure.


Hello everyone! Development is coming along well for FMC. We have made a lot of good progress. We are looking for some feedback on the features that we have listed on this thread. We are also looking for some feature suggestions. If you could fill out the form below that would be great!



Probably not but would this be free?


No, it will not. Development costs money. It will be for sale at a reasonable price that has not been determined yet. :)


Good. Even if it includes only half of your current feature list, I will personally be very disappointed in you guys if it costs any less than $5. 😬😁


That’s a good idea, but maybe this could be an update for @epaga’s app, IF Assistant. That’s the sort of thing he does and there’s a lot of similar things on there already. Just a thought anyway…


A special thanks to @Trio for working on our GUI! Here is his first concept:


As for our current progress - we are currently testing the VNAV feature to set the AP to certain altitudes. We’re making progress! :)


Looks absolutely stunning!


It would be cool if it was actually like a real FMC with working side buttons and working keyboard buttons to enter information.