[In Development / Alpha Testing] Official Flight Management Computer Thread


Awesome thanks for answering the questions.

I think this is something the community has been longing for!


I know this is probably a long way away but we can finally have VNAV, hallelujah!


Of course, feel free to ask any other questions you have! :)


I hope your computer will be and look similar to an actual FMC, where you can input waypoints/airways, and maybe have some other options (even dummy), such as fuel load, runway, SID, etc. Thanks


This is something that we are working towards


As my colleague has stated, the visual look of our application will definitely be something we will be looking forward to. However, our priority is to get the backbones of the app done first, and then do the visuals.

Don’t worry, we aren’t forgetting about the visuals.


This idea sounds great, would add much more realism into the game. Also it is so nice to see we have many people in the community brainstorming on how to make the whole IF experience better. Thanks to all of the developers putting effort in this community.
Keep it up guys!


Thanks for the encouragement! We hope the app will be as good as you think it will be! :p


I will definitely buy it! If you need some Android testers, feel free to contact me! :)


Yes! Yes! Yes! Please vote! Even if your not interested in using it, will be a great addition for those that are. It is a 3rd party app, so you don’t have to buy it, and the SIM will still run if you don’t. Great job devs! Shut up and take my money. 😂👍


I will purchase and if anybody needs a beta tester my PMs always open


I will buy this sounds great


I’m really excited for this. The features of this app sound like a dream. I fully vouch for this and wish you and your development team the very best.


Yeah I’m actually more excited for this then I was for md 11 and are for crj.


DM me for Beta Tester. 😁


It would be an honor to test as well.


Maybe the automatic reaction on atc is only for ts1. But except the atc part it is a really good idea!


Eh, sometimes you get those controllers who spam commands…

Wouldn’t be too fun would it?



Maybe one thing you could do in a later update, as warnings for when flaps are out too early, or out too late. Same with gear, etc.

Be useful to get a proper and realistic approach in all aircraft.

Could be implemented as a callout, or maybe a message across the top of the screen.


That would be interesting, but hard. Remember timing of flaps has to take into account the weight of the aircraft, and where they are on the localizer, if they are high or low. We’ll definitely take a look at it.