[In Development / Alpha Testing] Official Flight Management Computer Thread


So, as developers, we have looked at all of our feedback we have received regarding some of our upcoming features (not the ones that will be released initially). Much of this feedback has been regarding realism rather than more automation. After quite a bit of discussion, we have decided that instead of possibly including an Auto Taxi feature, we will have a feature that will see where you are currently, the runway you need to taxi to, and will give you instructions. Since we don’t have airport maps with taxiway names, this will add that sense of realism. Thank you all for the feedback and we would love to keep seeing it!


Thanks, we hope you will like our final product!


That seems awesome! The days of having to always taxi at noon-time are over.


My main feedback is that you guys should make the app free. And put advertisements in the app to make money and give a option to pay money to turn off all advertisements.


Sounds great look fwd to the development.


We are still discussing the cost and how we are going to costs of development. We will let everyone know when we have pricing down. (Whether it is free or paid). But, it is most likely going to be a paid app as that is the best way to guarantee we can cover our dev costs.


Sounds great if you want the devs to eventually run out of money.


Not true. There is a reason why there are so many free apps on the top grossing charts which main revenue comes from ads.

Sorry if I went off-topic.


Well yes, because they have a ton of downloads. We are not expecting millions of downloads…


Infinite Flight was #1 simulator on the app market when I last checked. ;)

Anyways, let’s not go deep into this as this is the dev’s choice. I just wanted to give my feedback :)


I do actually recommend checking that article out.


The app takes money and hard work to develop and test. To keep it on the App Store alone will set us back $99, and we (the devs) also have to make some money. We are not putting ads on the app, because nobody likes ads, and neither do we. We will have in-app purchases, but those may not be enough to support us. The app isn’t going to be a crazy amount of money. The app will definitely cost less than the $5 you spent on Infinite Flight, so I see no problem. If you would like to discuss this further, please take it to a PM with us. If not, have a good day! :)


Okay couple things, first off, you have my purchase

Second off, with those who only want certain features, maybe you can do something like IFassistant does, where you pay for certain things you want.

So like you’d get the VNAV for free, since that’s what the app seems to of originally been for, and charge maybe 99 cents for each new feature, or do a bundle package. Allows people to only get what they want, and for you guys to earn more money!


Your suggestion on pricing is something that we are discussing 😉


This is interesting. Looking forward to hearing and seeing how it works out.


Thank you! This is much better than the automatic taxi, and adds a lot of realism!


No ads 🙅‍♂️They ruin the experience of using the app.


That was our thinking. We don’t want an ad popping up when you’re on final! ;)


All updates regarding this app will be posted here


Exciting times!

@william_armstrong , @jakevaz423 and @RealAviation1974 Out of interest, what is your app making CV? - This is a big project lads…