[In Development / Alpha Testing] Official Flight Management Computer Thread



Is this project dead, or still ongoing? Shame, it looked promising.



I kinda think it’s dead lol


Unfortunately, one of the developers has become inactive, and therefore project progress has halted. See this post,


Is there some similar product or app out there, in that case?




Thanks. Shame only for iOS though…


Android is coming soon


Hope so! Are we allowed to ask how you define soon? Keep up the good work


@koukkey @Dragos please take this to PM - this is not the appropriate topic. Thanks.


Hi. Actually, I disagree. I think the community would benefit from knowing when it’s coming to Android


This is not a virtual link topic.
That’s why @jakevaz423 said to take it to the PM.
I suggest you go to this topic.


This project is officially cancelled. Thanks for supporting us everyone!

Mods can close this.



Oh, I was so looking forward to this! What happened?


I believe @William_Armstrong became inactive. I may look at doing something like this in the future.


Unfortunately Will has become in active, and I am retiring from Infinite Flight :(