[In Development / Alpha Testing] Official Flight Management Computer Thread


Seems to have been quiet for some time. Any news ?


We are still in the process of Developing and Alpha Testing. We will hopefully reach Beta within the next few weeks, as we only have a few more features to develop and test. Stay tuned! :)


All of the best. Perfect it and should be worth the wait.


Any snapshots to wet our appetite? That’d be nice


Would most likely buy it if it wont exceed Day 3-4 $


Sorry, but we cannot show any screenshots of development. You’ll just have to wait and see!

Here’s a quote that describes our development right now. ;)

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” - Jean-Jacques Rousseau


wait im confused dose this men IF For Computers?


No. Our app is a Flight Management Computer add on app for Infinite Flight.


Oh ok because i got confused and i’d also like IF for widows to but that’ll come later i guess.


Yeah… we can’t put IF on Windows… If you want the developers to put IF on Windows, vote in the thread below. :)


Oh yea i already did and i hope it is soon!


Hello all! Just thought I would give everyone a little update. We are currently extremely busy with our everyday lives around this time of year, so this month it’s been pretty hard to code and develop. We will hopefully continue development starting in June, and then it should be smooth sailing from there. Beta will be coming within the next 4-6 weeks (hopefully - if all goes as planned). I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been patiently waiting and sticking with us through this long development process. We’ll be sure not to disappoint! :)


is the app going to be on android


Yes, it will be on iOS and Android. :)


How is progress? Hopefully everything is going smoothly and according to plan.


Sorry if this has been asked before, but will we be able to input our VS by waypoint?


Yes, you will be able to.

Correct me if I am wrong


Any update on release for this great app?


I really thought this was an amazing idea, until I saw the second poll. Would you buy this app? I love apps that add realism into IF, but many off them cost money, which is one thing I don’t have I know IFLive is $10 a month, but it is funded by my parents. $10 is a lot so there is no extra to spend on this/other apps. I would absolutely download this app if it is free, but otherwise I am unable. I can see the potential in this app, but I hope it is free.


@jjx1223 Unfortunately, we cannot make the app free. Development takes hard work and costs a lot of money. We can’t afford to make the app for free. Sorry!