[In Development / Alpha Testing] Official Flight Management Computer Thread


Hmmm, that’s a good idea no



Oh Lord. Is that a real bracket.


By the way how would we use the app without having to leave Infinite Flight


@William_Armstrong why don’t you just make the top 3 spots (and the tie at 3rd place) beta testers 🙃


You will be able to set up the app before loading Infinite Flight, or by using seperate devices. :)


Congratulations to our winner - @Artem_F! He will be our newest beta tester! :)


To add on to what Jake said, you can set the flight plan before, which is recommended, but the app will be compatible with multitasking on the iPad (similar to @epaga ‘s IF-I). With this you will be able to edit your flight plane while in flight.


Yes it is Ryan… 😂

Congrats @Artem_F
PS: Michigan = Grrr!! 😂😂


Hello everyone, it’d be great if you could fill out the following poll:

If FMC were released on Mac would you use it?

  • Yes
  • No

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I assume the Mac FMC app will allow you to program the FMC on your Mac and it’ll connect to the iOS FMC app and mirror it?


@nk1021 You wouldn’t even need the iOS app if you get the Mac app. It would connect directly to Infinite Flight through WiFi.


I hope people who don’t have a Mac did not vote. Would throw off the data


@Chad_Garnett Actually, that’s what we want to know. How many people use Mac, and how many would use FMC on it? This helps us identify demand.


WOW thats amazing! I would definitely use the Mac app if its developed! Thats amazing!


Just an update for everyone: we are making steady progress with the app. We are continuing to alpha test, and there are only 2 or 3 features still left to develop. We will be reworking the VNAV a bit, so you won’t be climbing to FL380 at 6000 feet per minute. That would cause violations. And violations are bad, so… We are also beginning work on the GUI and app pages. Once alpha testing is complete, we will announce our beta testers and begin beta testing. Expect another update sometime soon on our progress!

Also - thanks for sticking with us through this long development process! :)


Glad to hear stuff is going smoothly, can’t wait till it’s fully released!


Windows yes, Mac no because I don’t have a Mac 😂


Just want to let y’all know: we now have social media accounts! Go follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at the handle @flyeasierdevs. :)


The links to our social media accounts can be found on the top of the original post for easy access. :)