[In Development / Alpha Testing] Official Flight Management Computer Thread


Read this :)



For anyone wants an update on FMC look above. This was taken about an hour ago

All kidding aside, things are coming along great. Were spending more time on the user interface right now and are inching closer to a release everyday!


Is this currently in alpha or beta?


It is currently in alpha


Roger Doger:) !!!


Just a question about the app (FYI, I am 100% going to be a buyer)

Will the FMC look like the one on an Airbus or Boeing? Or will it be more generalized for all aircraft?


In the initial release the FMC will be generic for all aircraft with a few functionality changes (the design will be the same), but in the future we may develop different UIs for different aircraft.


Great, I am really looking forward to the final project. This will defínetely be a must use.


Will VNAV be caliculated by distance or weight and speed and other stuff that effects climb performance?


The algorithm used to calculate VNAV will incorporate various factors

For each aircraft there will be a maximum vertical speed based off of altitude in order to prevent a stall. We have not decided yet how many different weights we will calculate the maximum V/S at, but for now it will just be based of off MTOW. The V/S is constantly updated based on your ground speed and your distance to the next waypoint. This ensures that you hit the target altitude right as you hit the waypoint, not before and not after.


Realistic then VirualLink!!
Can’t wait!!


Is this app going to be available on Windows?? Apologies if this has already been answered before.


Unfortunately it likely will not be


Will we be able to input Mach speeds for the altitudes as well or just IAS?


You will be able to add Mach speeds and IAS


Glad to see progress with the app! Definitely willing to drop a few extra bucks once released for something more realistic.


The NCAA National Championship is tonight! Who will be our new Beta Tester? 🤔


Human for sure!!! XD


There’s only like 2 people still in it to win it.



Shall we have two beta testers?