[In Development / Alpha Testing] Official Flight Management Computer Thread


Super excited for auto APPR (hopefulllyyyyyyyy). I can’t imagine auto taxiing.


We are not adding auto taxiing, but we will be adding taxi instructions at the big airports.


Just sayin’.

I’d pay $100 if that was a feature 😊

And I probably wouldn’t regret it.


Auto APPR, VNAV and now people want auto-taxiing? Can somebody please tell what part of the flight you’ll actually be doing yourself? 🤔


Yeah… that’s why we went with the taxi instructions instead of Auto Taxi haha


Waited for an app like this for so long… YES PLEASE!


Why should I buy this FMC app instead of VirtualLink?


People just want to start IF then sleep. That was the sentiment before the release of Global.


Becuse it’s more realistic and does more things than VirtualLink…



VirtualLink only includes altitude management. It is technically not VNAV because it doesn’t incorporate speed. For about the same price, when we are done developing, you’ll be able to buy our app which includes VNAV and all of the other features posted in the original post. Which one would you want for the same amount of money? 🤔

With that being said, we have the upmost respect for the developers of VirtualLink, and wish them well. :)


Weight contributes to the climb rate too:)
I’ll definitely buy yours!!


In Any way do we have to make ANY in app purchases for what had been promised. That’s what I fear.


@NationofAviation There will be some in-app purchases, as this is the only way we can guarantee to cover developer costs. VNAV and some other simple features will be free, but the more advanced features will be In-App Purchases. We will announce pricing at a later date closer to release. :)


Is all the features mentioned above free? Like speed climb and stuff


@NationofAviation No. Once again, pricing will be announced at a later date. Some of the above features will be free with the app. Some will not.


To add on to what Jake said:

The basic VNAV related features (VNAV, Speed, import from FPL sites, waypoints not in IF) will all be included in the app. Everything else is still being decided whether it will be included or if it will be a purchase. We guarantee that our base price will be less or equivalent to the current price of Virtual Link.


I’ll pay any reasonable price for this add on can’t wait !


Second the motion, these guys seem to be working on more features that aren’t forthcoming with the other app.


The Final 3


The winner of that March Madness Tournament Challenge becomes a Beta Tester.