[In Development / Alpha Testing] Official Flight Management Computer Thread


I won’t have a chance at all I have no idea about sports… like at all…


Same, not the fairest of test really.


Even if you’re not in the US or don’t know about sports - you can still win. The bracket challenge is more of a game of chance. You can pick the teams is so many different ways. Heck, the winner in a pool I was in last year told me that she just picked the teams by which mascot she liked better! You never know!


The Pool will be closing for entries at the beginning of the first round of the tournament (tomorrow)


This means… Get your picks in! Today is your last chance! :)


So what tournament?..


The NCAA March Madness Tournament.


Brackets lock at 12:00 EDT! Now is your final chance to enter!


Brackets are now locked. Good luck to everyone who joined! :)


I already “lost”… RIP Penn State! 🙄


Now I already relly want this, but what would be awsome is if I could get notified on my phone about a flight on my Ipad, or is this what you are sigesting with notifications…?


Yes. You will get a notification during key stages in your flight. Whether you use our app on the same or different device. :)


That would be great! I would know if I was crashing, and than be like yay… Math is a great time to solv this… On my Ipad a mile and a half away… But seriously this app looks great…


Would this still work if my phone is android, and the flight is on an IPad?


Yes. It should work.


My birth day isnt eaven for 6 months… Not complaining


For the app to work you will have to be on the same WiFi connection as the device running Infinite Flight.


Ok well that makes sense, still great through


But that fealing when you are away from the house and you check the tracker and see zero, worst feeling, great app though…😀


Thanks for your support! :)