[In Development / Alpha Testing] Official Flight Management Computer Thread

Flight Management Computer
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Our Developers


Our development team consists of two proud members - Jake and Will. We are avid coders, aviation lovers, and committed to making the community better!

What Is It?

Flight Management Computer (FMC) is literally a Flight Management Computer for Infinite Flight. The main component of the app is vertical navigation, or VNAV. You will be able to import your Flight Plan from SimBrief and other flight planning websites. The app would then automatically add it to Infinite Flight. The VNAV data would be taken from SimBrief, or could be manually edited and imported. You will also be able to plan your speed for the whole flight by waypoint. Another important feature is our work with notifications. FMC will notify you at customizable phases of your flight. Also, FMC can be configured to automatically turn and climb/descend according to commands from Approach and Departure. We hope you enjoy it! This is a side job for our two developers, so your support means everything!


  • Control Airspeed By Waypoint
  • Control Altitude By Waypoint (VNAV)
  • Add Waypoints That Are Not In Infinite Flight
  • Import Link From SimBrief, Which Will Add Your Flight Plan to Infinite Flight Automatically
  • Notifies You At 10 minutes, 5 minutes, And Top Of Descent
  • Notifies When Within 50, 25 And 10 NM Of Destination (Customizable)
  • Auto Turn to ATC
  • Auto Climb/Descend to ATC

Features Possibly Coming Later:

  • Auto APPR
  • Auto ATC
  • Taxi Instructions at Select Airports

Please do not ask to become a developer or beta tester. We will be having applications to become a beta tester once we are ready to start testing. Thanks!

Please fill out the following polls, so we can get a better understanding of what to add to our app. Thanks!

What device would you use for Flight Management Computer? (Can run on same or separate device)

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android

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Would You Buy This App?

  • Yes
  • No

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Flight Management Computer and FlyEasier Development Studios is not, in any way, affiliated with Infinite Flight or Flying Development Studios LLC.

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I have a an idea/feature request take it or leave it but, it says import from SimBrief what about plans from places like Flightplandatabase or Fligthaware? Would that be possible? Cool Idea by the way I will definitely purchase this.


Sounds like such a great idea. Can’t wait for it, will 100% use this!


I missed the “Coming Soon” until after I read the entire thing and I’m already ready to purchase it. Glad it can run on separate devices as well. This sounds amazing guys, can’t wait to see it!


I got so excited as soon as I saw this. I was ready to install it as well


This looks very good and helpful indeed. I look forward to seeing your progress and hope to see it on the app/google play stores soon


This might be a bit off topic. Just wondering what coding language you guys would be using to make this app?


As long as I can afford it…I’ll be sure to check and buy this out :) it’ll just add that much more realism.


This sounds like an amazing project. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!




Well, it matters on the OS.

For iOS and Mac, we will be using Swift 4.
For Android and Windows, we will be using Javascript.


This app looks awesome! Would definitely buy something like this.


Thanks for all of the support guys!

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I can think of the IFATC Community when this happens. Imagine an entire mess of a group flight while on the Approach frequency using this app. It would be a breeze for that one controller.

I think it could solve a nightmare such as this.


In a way it would almost just be a controlling simulator for the ATC

In this regard I do have a question. Will this app be able to make the response to the ATC confirming the command or will it only execute the command?

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This sounds like a great program! I can’t wait to use it.


Agreed. I think flights from FlightAware should also have the ability to be imported.


Considering so many people do it that way


Yep. Let’s see what Jake has to say about it.

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So definitely going to be available for iOS and Android?

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