In depth holding patterns

‘Usability case one: ’So imagine this you are at 12000 feet and need to engage a hold to slow down and also do your decent checklist.

‘Usability case two:’ so now you are at 5000 feet and are at 220kn and not configured for landing and need some time.

‘Usability case three:’ it is a busy airport and atc needs to get some spacing in for approaches.
note-this ise has already been accomplished.

“What should be there”
The ability for atc to be able to see a planes holding patterns.
Airports should have specific holds which pilots can request
Pilots and atc can both change the size of one leg of the hold

Think I read the goal is to have the holding patterns being flown by the AP with minimal pilot input. Once devs achieve that I guess we’ll have every iteration of this maneuver.

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