In Defense of the Bf 110, by Military Aviation History

When it was originally designed in 1934, a year before the reveal of the Luftwaffe to the world, the Bf 110 represented the idea of a heavy fighter that would be able to fend itself in the skies of Europe.
The Bf 110 was revealed in 1935, and by 1939, the C variant was fully operational. The C was tasked with destroying the Polish Air Force on the ground, together with the Ju 87.
However, the aircraft wasn’t very maneuverable. Its defensive armament (before the F version) consisted of a single MG 17 of 7,92mm. It saw a relative success due to poor oposition during the early years of the war. But by the time of the Battle of Britain, the aircraft’s poor maneuverability made it easy pray for the Spitfire and Hurricane.

Chris, from the Military Aviation History channel, discusses the origins of the aircraft, its career in the Zerstörergeschwaders, and then finding its role as a nachtjäger during the final phases of the war in Europe.


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